1 Prologue

My name is Hakuji Soyama, I was born and raised by my sick mother that I loved dearly, because we were poor we never had money for medicine, so I turned to pickpocketing people from the town we reside in, but I was caught about three times.

The town chief had beat me and marked me with tattoos, threatening to cut off my arms the next time I was caught, so the towns people stared calling me a "Demon Child". One day after almost getting caught pickpocketing again, as I was returning home, a villager informed me that my mother had hung herself, after finding out how I was gaining my, leaving me with just a note.

The contents of the note stated that she wanted me to live my life to the fullest and that she didn't want to take medicine if it was earned by dishonest means.

With the criminal tattoos I received and no home to return to, I was eventually banished from the town. Devastated by the death of my mother and furious at how society treated me and my mother where I couldn't even afford medicine for mother, I picked fights with people and beat them up.

One day, nearly after killing 10 adult men in a village, I was approached by an old man, because of his cheerful demeanor and challenged him to a fight, I was defeated with ease, turns out the old man was a owner of a dojo, that later he invited me to after taking me to be nursed.

After going to the dojo, I was tasked with nursing his sick daughter, whose name was Koyuki, she had a previous caretaker who was her mother, but due to stress she had drowned herself and because he had to keep them afloat, Keizo had to work small handyman jobs.

Already accustomed with taking care of mother, I had only a little trouble, although I found it awkward when she burst into tears seemingly at random. One of those times, unknowingly to me, I had indirectly motivated her by telling her that "there will be a next year" to see a local fireworks show.

One day after months of Keizo training, I discovered that Koyuki had been forced outside and left there by the heir of the nearby kenjutsu dojo that had always wanted Keizo's land and prevented him from getting any students before me.

Enraged, me and Keizo fought with the dojo members, after defeating most of the dojo's members, I made them promise not to get involved with the dojo or Koyuki again.

The heir of the dojo became enraged and swung a sword at me, I used a technique I had developed just for sword users called, Bell Splitter, and punch the side of the blade breaking it. After that the other members accepted their loss and apologized for the heirs actions.

Two years later, Koyuki's health had finally improved enough that she stand and do chores. I continued training as Keizo's pupil of the Soryu style, and the dojo had begun growing. One day, Keizo offered me to take over the dojo and take Kyoyuki as my bride, to my surprise.

I agreed, silently vowing to protect them both, even at the cost of my life. The heir of the kenjutsu dojo heard about the marriage, so he gathered up some disciples and tried to fight me but they lost tragically, but my my victory was short-lived.

After the fight I went to go visits mothers grave to tell her about my marriage, I realized that something was wrong upon my return to the dojo, a student of the dojo then came and informed me that the kenjutsu dojo had poisoned the well that Koyuki and Keizo drank from.

The two of them died shortly after drinking the water while I had been away. Enraged, I killed all the members of the kenjutsu dojo with my bare hands, pulverizing them to the point where their corpse were unrecognizable, shortly dying after from the injuries I sustained, but I had one thought going through my head before dying.

'I wasn't strong enough to protect them'


Soryu Style-

A bare-fist martial art taught to Hakuji by Keizo. Soryu utilizes both a user's arm's and leg's to unleash swift and powerful strikes that target an opponent's vital's and weak points in their body. At the beginning of each battle, the user begins by going into a stance performed by bending their knees in a half crouch position, extending their right arm with a half clenched fist facing their body and bending their left arm with an open palm or a nearly identical stance except they open their palm on the right hand while fully clenching their fists in a downward bend on their left arm.