34 Chapter 34

Yue Yang looked at her and couldn't help but ask,

"Are you sure about it?" The bloody- no Red nodded her head again.

Seeing that Yue Yang smiled then said, "Since you like it from now on your name will be Red, all right?"

When Bing'er returned noted a difference in Red as they didn't see her wings anymore. She began asking many questions with a worried expression on her face.

She only calmed down when Yue Yang explained that she gained a new skill. Although she calmed down the worry on her faces remained and only disappeared when Red showed them the wings.

It also seemed that the possession helped in language comprehension as Red could now understand some words from the common language. But she still couldn't speak it for now.

After he said that, Bing'er became excited as she took Red to another room and began to teach her.

Yue Yang, who was now alone, looked at his wrist where the bracelet was and began thinking. After a while, a monster core appeared in his hand.

Sensing the core, the bracelet turned into a little golden dragon and immediately went for the core. Yue Yang, seeing it act like this made the core disappear then looked at the little dragon.

Sensing Yue Yang's gaze, the beast trembled as it became well behaved in his hand.

Yue Yang began speaking at the beast as he knew that it understood him very well. "So you think you can have food without working? Little guy, I'll forgive you this time but next time if you dare to do something like that I'll melt you and forge a weapon."

The little beast trembled again and nodded its tiny head.

Yue Yang then made that same core appear in his hand. The little dragon acted like it saw nothing and remained calm in Yue Yang's hand.

Seeing this Yue Yang nodded his head and smiled then gave the core to the little dragon. The little dragon seeing him giving it the core became happy and immediately swallowed it entirely.

Although his actions were a little overboard Yue Yang knew that if he didn't do this, the beast will always take the cores of the beasts he thought for so it was something he has to. The carrots and stick rule was omnipotent as always for such a situation.

The original Yue Yang was too permissive toward his beasts, and that's why that always happened. He thought that for them to become holy beasts they should think for themselves and although that was correct he forgot something. He forgot that human society existed because of rules so he should have made rules for his beasts in the first place before letting them do whatever they wanted.

Now that he finished his things to do Yue Yang let the girls in the room and went to the guys.

When he arrived, he didn't see them and he waited for some minutes before he saw four people coming his way.

The four of them were Ye Kong and the twins and another person he knew very well. When he saw him, Yue Yang couldn't control himself and began cursing in his mind.

'Fuck! After all my strategies to not meet him here, he comes to me by himself? Why? '

The fourth person was none other than fatty Hai.

When he saw Yue Yang, he immediately went to him and put his hand on his shoulder when he began speaking. "Oh! If it isn't my good brother! It seems like we are really fated together."

Yue Yang, seeing his overly friendly attitude didn't know what to do, so he looked at Ye Kong and the twin searching for answers.

Seeing his questioning eyes, Ye Kong told him why they were with him.

"It all happened yesterday when we went to do another quest as you said. We encountered him there. When we saw him, he was being beaten by some beasts so we helped him but after that he never let our sides saying that we were fated."

When he was speaking, Yue Yang could see how Ye Kong and the twins' faces contorted. It seems like they had passed things that he couldn't imagine.

The fatty began speaking his nonsense again, "Oyi, if we weren't fated how could you know my good brother here?"

Yue Yang and the other looked at him, saying nothing at all.

"Why aren't you speaking?"After saying that he turned toward Ye Kong and the twins and began speaking again. "Since you all are my brother people I will allow you to call me boss Hai how about it?"

Hearing that their face changed again. They couldn't help but curse in their minds.

'Why should we call you boss? Even our leader here didn't allow us to call him boss and you think a fatty like you will be called boss by us?' That was particularly what the three of them were thinking. They couldn't help but begin regretting saving him.

When they turned around Yue Yang was already nowhere to be seen as immediately disappeared when they were distracted.


Yue Yang who has escaped could be seen walking calmly in the street. Although he was walking he doesn't even know where he was going as he was in his thoughts.

He was searching for a way to upgrade his two crescent blades together so they could both become growing weapons. He wanted to link them together so that every time one leveled the other will too. But taking into account that the two of them would have opposite elements, he knew that the linking would be very difficult.

He already had an idea about how to link them together, but even for him, it would be tough. If he succeeded, he would have two exceptional weapons that would grow with him so he had no choice but took this risk.

From the information, he acquired he knew that on the seventh floor, there exists a dragon race that was always born twins. The two twins would always have opposite elements. These dragons possessed a link with their twin, and this link was so powerful that the two of them will always grow together. Another thing to know is that when both of them died, their souls will search for new objects to attach themselves. After that, when they sense that one of their race was pregnant, they would reincarnate in those babies with their memories cleaned. Yue Yang wanted to entrap their souls in his blades and fused them together.

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