Reincarnated in Long Live Summons with Powerful Abilities Book

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Reincarnated in Long Live Summons with Powerful Abilities


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Long Live Summons is a Chinese web novel written by Xia Fei Shuang Jia. It combines adventure and fantasy elements with martial arts, action, and cultivation. A man called Ace was the strongest Assassin and the leader of the Hell Guild. But he had his principles and never killed a single innocent soul in his life. One Day, he got betrayed by his most trusted aide who wanted to control the guild. Even though he died, he wiped out the Hell guild by killing everyone within it. He was laughing as he died. He had no family and was alone in this world. Due to his good deeds by killing many evil people, God gives him a chance to get reincarnated in the world of Long Live Summons and granted him 4 wishes. He got reincarnated as the Third Young Master of Yue Clan, Yue Yang. Ace aka Yue Yang was far from thankful for these new abilities. He didn't care about all the beasts that were willing to become part of his party and became overpowered with his abilities. This fanfiction is only written for fun. I hope you guys like it. I tried my best but I knew that there are some mistakes. So Please tell me how to improve them.


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