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Reincarnated in Hunter X Hunter World


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I thought this was dope BUT...its kinda ****ty..all MC wants to do is travel with the main cast...MC hasn't done any special **** despite 5 years timeskip despite the fact that he has ability to train cause he has a rich gramps who [somewhat?] takes care of him...the character development is almost non existent...plus who is fatty? the brother? its not explained well..and from what I've read he didnt even train..so why the hell is he in hunter exam..or even attempting it....so yah...its harsh but so far its pretty stupid..I'd suggest a rewrite with more in depth character development


after my first review, i gave it 5 stars based on hunter x hunter hype. now for a realistic review. The story starts with an idiotic OC. Whose only advantage is he knows about the future. He uses his non-existant at the time, Nen to create a useless system that does basically nothing. he then proceeds to get helped by Gon for no reason at all.