1 Chapter 1 - 7 Wonders of the World

David Beningham died alone, he regretted everything he did in his youthful days. At the end of his life, he died unhappily or not? Suddenly woke up on a hospital bed, memories of the previous owner of this body filled his mind.

His name was Mach Iora, 5 years old, the illegal child of a rich second generation with his secretary. His mother died giving birth to him, His father Antonio Iora had a Girlfriend Rena and a wife Maria. Both of them were beautiful women.

No one is the family actually cared about him, Antonio had no sense of responsibility or fatherly duties, Rena was just a gold digger Gyaru and he wasn't Maria child, she hated him.

The Original owner of this body died when the Drunk Antonio smashed a Wine bottle on his Head, mach instantly died from the impact. A five year old could only take so much. The reason was the 5 year old Mach threw a tantrum for being neglected and wanted to go on a Picnic. Antonio's only desire if ever is to fuck woman, he just didn't have a good temper or a sense of responsibility for the kids or wife. Everything was handled by grandfather, antonio was not capable of running the family business. Antonio was nothing but a scandal machine, every other month a new scandal about antonio would pop up.

But here's the Fun part,

The 7 Wonders of the World -

1. World Tree - World's tallest tree and taller than any manmade structure.

2. Magna Building - The World's tallest building. A Building whose each floor is made of Magnetic Stones. They repel each other and by doing so they reduce the load on the building. Pretty Ingenious if you ask me. It had a Staggering 500 Floors.

3. Kurta clan's scarlet eyes

4. Itza castle - an castle from the Itza ruins from which no one has every returned. The Government closed of the ruins.

5. Hell fire Pit - A flame spouting pit from which no one has every came back. It has been burning for the last 200 years since it's discovery.

6. Picasso's Painting "Hidden World" - A nen picture which goes to another world.

7. Beach Diamond - Underground volcanoes formed by a hotspot on the platonic cavity spew diamond which eventually land on the Beach. Hence diamond beach.

"huh, WTF. It can't be possible, can it?"

Fearsome monsters, exotic creatures, vast riches, hidden treasures, evil enclaves, unexplored lands - the word "unknown" holds a captivating magic. And some incredible people are drawn to that magic, desiring it from the very depths of their soul.

These people are called Hunters.

David beningham had reincarnated into the world of Hunter X Hunter. His next thought was obvious, Naturally as a Reincarnator, he had to have that. It was must have and absolute basic necessity.

A System - Every Reincarnator has a system, and therefore he must have one too. The problem was he didn't, Mach Iora was a completely normal boy from a rich background.

Mach went into Deep thinking while a nurse came to check up on him.

Currently he had 3 priorities.

1. Make a system ability.

2. Become a Hunter and Set out.

3. Finding Gon and the Gang to go on adventures. The story never did finish, now that he was in this world made mach curious.

He needed an superhuman Physical body to achieve two, a physical body better then pro wrestlers or other elites. Working out the good old fashioned way was not going to cut it. It would be faster to rely on the system.

He had a rough idea for Number 3, netero was the current chairman of hunter association, but the Chimera ants are not present on NLG yet.

There was only one way to accoplish one, Life threatening nen conditions is the only way. Mach made a whole list of absurd, but life threatening conditions for the System.

The conditions were:

1. Telling the true conditions of his nen ability will kill him.

2. He has to make a Nen game in 25 years or he will die.

3. If asked about his ability, he must always tell this lie : It came out one day when he was playing games or else he will die.

4. The system accepts payments in nen only.

5. He will visit all 7 Wonders of the world in 25 years or die.

6. He will become a Hunter before 30 or die.

7. He needed a key for activating the system. The key will be a Fake Greed Island save chip.

8. Other nen abilities will be unlocked after upgrading the system once.

The features were:

1. System Upgrade

2. Manage Nen ability - enter restrictions, then attack and lastly penalties to make nen abilities. [ Locked ]

3. Status - tells him his current stats.

Even with 5 life threatening conditions for 3 features, it took mach 6 months to make the system. It was quite unfair, as kurapika only took 1 life threatening restriction and 2 months with 4 powers. Mach grumbled quite a bit about it.

The first time he succeeded was after 6 months, Mach was on Cloud 9 until the world darken and he collapsed.

His current stats were :

Health : 15

Health regen (per hour) : 1

Strength (kg) : 3

Speed (m/s) : 4

Stamina : 15

Nen Capacity : 5

Nen Regeneration (per hour) : 0.3

Intelligence (IQ) : 135

Mach had to be pretty stingy with his ability as the system needs nen to function, he barely had enough nen to use system for a few seconds.

He pulled out the key from his left pocket and said system upgrade.

A small rectangular shape window appeared in front of him. It read Insert Nen - 0/10,000 (4/5 available). He immediately clicked the + sign 3 times to enter 3 nen units.

Mach made it a habit to enter 4 nen units every night before sleeping and 3 nen units every afternoon after lunch.

Mach needed to finish whatever he had in 5 seconds or else he would faint.

Over the next 5 years, Mach focused on improving his physique and upgrading his system. he never needed to study children's curriculum, the exams were also easy.

Fortunately, Grandfather wasn't like Antonio or the rest of the family. Grandfather promised to help mach as long Mach has excellent grades.

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