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Reincarnated in DxD with system


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This is the author here. Once again I'm here to state that I'm not really planning in making it harem for the OC. Issei still get his harem, though I'm planning to snatch one girl from Issei's harem that will get together with the OC. I can't really imagine myself writing harem but that could change. I honestly don't know who's going to be the OC's girl, that's why I'm going to focus character development and such. Once again thank you for reading this. Until next time I release the new chapter. Peace! P.S The reason why Issei still stays with his Harem because I think thats what make highschool dxd, the highschool dxd we know. But hey our OC will also slay too. Who knows, our OC might have his own harem anyways since there are a lot of candidates outside of Issei's harem.


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All I hope is that MC won't join a peerage, it is literally asking yourself to become a servant and join the side of devils whom you can't oppose as a mere servant.


man i was a little hesitant to see this fanfic because you want to use a system but i went there and read the first chapter i must say i am surprised the mc's personality and how he acts its interesting. I was very happy that he didn’t ask for anything op because I don’t think it would be a good story for me. if possible leave him as a human I find it more fun and challenging that way I am not very good at writing reviews but I must say this is the first time I wanted to write a review. Im hope the system dont became op or something like that