1 Prologue : The Beginning

The works are originally from Ichiei Ishibumi (Highschool DxD) and Kinoko Nasu (Fate).


A young man walks in the darkness.

There is nothing to reach for, yet the young man's instincts tell him that if he stops walking, he'll lose completely.

"Well, isn't this pretty funny? There's darkness all around yet my instincts told me to keep walking"

A bitter chuckle could be heard from the young man. He knew he died not long ago but it wasn't as surprising as what he imagined.

'At least I died saving someone so that satisfies me.'

Despite the young man's satisfaction, he still felt a tinge of regret not living his life to the fullest. He wanted to give his parents a beautiful life to live. He was loved by his parents and family in general. Same for his friends that he treasured dearly for his life.

His name is Romy Herring, an 18-year old student and he's entering college. He is standing at 6 ft and has black hair and blue eyes. Two features that everyone noticed to him are his beautiful eyes and handsome face. Despite having a handsome face, he is in fact, single for he has no interest in love life in general. He like watching anime and reading novels as his pastime. He is also a diligent student with good grades. He is generally skilled at cooking but he sucks at drawing and singing. You can say he is a man with talents, but he is not perfect.

He has two traits that are known to his friends and family, which are his stubbornness and like challenges. He believes that challenges what make people grow. Him growing up being pressured by his parents and teachers, not only he took it positively but his mindset is very optimistic. Though sometimes he resorts to toxic positivity, it doesn't change the fact that he can find the light in the darkest days. He is also a sarcastic bastard if he wants to, but almost his friends have that kind of attitude so its not that unique, from their circle atleast.

'I wish I could have said any goodbyes to them before dying. Though I don't mind becoming a ghost for a little while to give them a scare.'

The young man playfully said as he smiles. The darkness was still unchanging as he kept walking towards nothingness. He has many questions in his mind but didn't bother to address any of them because he thought it was pointless anyway as he was dead.

It's already been at least 22 hours since he was in this darkness. He remembered that he cried for 4 hours straight when he realized that he died. Despite being cool and laid-back most of the time, he is still an emotional person. Knowing that he couldn't possibly meet any of his beloved after the incident, he can only cry.

Romy felt sadness reaches his poor heart once again. His mindset didn't really help as it's more than he could take. Though, what he can do is follow his instincts and keep walking.

After all, what to do when you don't know something? That is following his trusted instincts that saved his ass a lot of times when he was still alive. Still, it doesn't change the fact that it's unnerving not knowing anything at all. And more unnerving that he doesn't get tired as he kept walking through the darkness.

"Feels weird to be dead, I can still feel everything as if I'm alive." He thought loudly as his legs move at a walking pace.

Suddenly, he felt a lightness throughout his body while he was walking. He showed a surprised expression but it didn't just stop there. The darkness that once enveloped everything suddenly becoming bright white. Thanks to the shock in his eyes because of him being used in darkness then something bright suddenly appeared, he passed out.

------Romy's POV-----

I slowly open up my eyes. What all I see is whiteness and there's a figure standing in front of me. The figure has no face, yet the figure gave a presentation of holiness and calmness.

As I stand up, I remember everything that happened. From the events of dying until the part of everything suddenly becoming white. I am obviously confused, but still, put a stoic face in front of the figure.

"What happened to me?" I said with a low tone.

"You passed out for about three hours. The changes must have shocked you to the point of blacking out but it wasn't unexpected." Said the figure in the voice of a male in his middle-ages. Maybe he is a person after all, but it doesn't change the fact that he(?) was still faceless. I stopped thinking about it eventually.

"Alright, that's pretty long." I said with a calm voice. I tried controlling my thoughts because it's going haywire currently. Many questions appeared on my mind yet one question slipped on my tongue anyway.

"How's the girl that I saved?" I asked curiously and a bit worried. This might sound selfish but I don't want to waste my life knowing that the girl I saved is dead. The figure doesn't have any face but his aura tells that he's surprised for a second before turning suddenly back to his calm aura.

"Interesting, out of all question in your mind, that what you have asked as your first question?" That man said in a neutral voice.

"I mean, I am dead anyway so why not ask about that glirl's situation?" I asked with slight bitterness. The man nodded in my reply.

"The girl is safe, she didn't experienced any serious injuries except for a bruise because you pushed her." The man said with a neutral tone.

"That's good to know, so uh, how about my friends and family?" I asked with a sadder tone, although I accepted the reality, it still hurts me to know that I left them too early.

"They're devastated about your loss. They also knew about your heroic act before you died and was proud of you." Man said with a noticeable solemn tone, but it was hidden well.

I became sad once again after hearing that. Memories once flushed out as my tears falls out without stop. The man look at me without any emotions, yet he awaits for me to stop crying. I stopped after minutes of crying, I already cried too much so I rise up earlier.

"Where I am?" I asked with a sad tone, the tears have dried but the sadness certainly did not.

"We are here on a road to after life. Often people get lose to darkness and they become the ghosts that you call on your world. And those who reached the light can certainly be at peace." The man said with a neutral tone, there's a bit of hesitation earlier but it was gone immediately.

"Well, so I can't scare them. That's dissaointing." I said with a sarcastic tone. Trying to lift up my own mood so that I can think rationally. The man didn't react in any bit.

"So what's going to happen to me?" I said curiously. The man once answers with his graceful voice.

"You can choose to be reincarnated or live in the Eden eternally."

"I want to be reincarnated." I said hastily. The man is now suprised on how quick I decided to pick things, but before he ask why I beat him to it.

"As you can see, I wanted to live my life at my fullest as a human. Sure, the second offer is tempting but I think I won't have fun living eternally. After all, the thrill of challenges what makes life fun for me." I said with a smile. The man looked at me with suprise. Now I can see his face, he looked like a casual middle-aged man. But I know it's not his "real" face.

"Are you sure you won't take back your decision?" The man said. I nodded as my answer.

"So, on what world do you want to be reincarnated? It could be either a different Earth with such things as magic or Earth with different timeline. It could be anything as long as you can imagine it."The man said with a neutral voice, as always.

"Well, how about in a world where is it as modern as I live in, with the exception of magic actually exist and mythologies are actually true and exist in modern world. Of course, magic could be either hidden into human or not. Though I prefer the former." I said without thinking, the mockery wasn't missing why I say that knowing the reaction I could get from him. The man shot me with a weird look.

"Are you sure, you look like you didn't ponder at all. And what you said about the world is oddly specific." The man said.

"Actually, I imagined the same scenario when I was still alive. I like daydreaming these kind of situations. The word "prepared" is more correct to describe it." I said mockingly with a smirk as if I'm prepared to face him and I predicted this outcome and the man just sigh.

" Ofcourse you are, you adapt things quickly." The man said. I shrugged as he asks me another question.

"Do you want to have some sort superpowers? system? something like that?" The man asked.

"Well, just give me like an innate talent in using sword, a minor system where I could see my stats and skills. The system one doesn't need to be overpowered, I like it more challenging and experience is the best teacher after all. And also I would like to have "Hawkeye"as one of my passive skills." I said while pondering.

"That shall be noted, although why do you want to have hawkeye as one of your skills?" The man asked curiously.

"Well, uh, for some reason, ehehehehehe" I laughed nervously. The man looks at me with suspicion but didn't dare to ask anything.

"So that's all?"The man asked tirelessly.

"Yeah and please let me be the same age when I reincarnate. I want to be myself." I said sheepishly. "And the system shall teach me how I do fight with a sword."

The man nodded. "The system you will be having is a minor one, you are immune to any disease or illness but exhaustion may still get you out. You can check your stats and it will be displayed like how the nasuverse you think of does. And you can obtain skills from nasuverse also. Yes, that's it."

I look at the man with surprise as he says that without me even saying the rest of information. Then before I can ask why, he smirked and said "I read your mind, your desires, and your feelings. That's how I did it. I'll reincarnate you in the world of DxD. You'll be having the same body and age except I made your body more stronger than normal. I guess this is a goodbye, Romy Herring, you'll be holding the name of Lugh Rusherie in this world. Don't worry, you are going to live in Kuoh Town. You also have a house to live in. Although you have no one to live with, I guess you have the ability to be living yourself. Goodluck, young man." The man says as he slowly fades away with the white world. I can still see his shit-eating grin.

"You are already enrolled in the Kuoh Academy, you also have uniforms and casual wears in your closet. It would be Sunday when you wake up. You have one day to adapt so that you can enter the School without worries. There's also food in fridge, itonould last for a week. 1 million dollars is also in your account, it's up to you to withdraw and convert it. You should find work because it won't last forever." He said with a bit of mockery and enjoyment. He literally says it all to me while I'm still confused. Nevermind him beibg with holliness and calmness, he's a freaking bastard in every sense.

I shouted with anger "YOU BASTAAAAAAAR-"

------3rd POV------

Romy Herring, or Lugh Rusherie now also gone along with the white world, yet a bit of remains of the man still lingering in the nonexistent world.

"Well, I guess I have my revenge for him being mocking and surprising me a lot of times. I guess this is my time to leave."

As he says those words, his stoic face is once again back. Then the image of middle-man fades away along with the blue motes.

------Lugh's POV-----


The sun shines brightly within the windows, although there are curtains between the bed and the window, the curtains are only thin, that's why the sun manage to shine brightly into my face.

"I guess I really got reincarnated huh?"

I said with a low voice, although I remembered my friends and family, there are not much sadness from myself. I knew that I need to move on because my life is different now.

I check my body, it's still the same from the last time I live. Though it is more fit because the muscles feels strong and refines. There's also a solid six packs in my abdomen which definuitely puts a smile on my face.

'I guess that bastard kept his promise of me having a tougher body huh? I should check around the house.'

I get up from my bed and fixed my bed hair. One of the things I noticed is that my bedroom is pretty large. The bed is really comfy and there's a mirror with table on the side of the bed. The closet is also large and looks elegant, when I opened it, I found 5 sets of uniform, two training clothes, and a bunch of casual clothes.

'There's indeed a lot of clothes here, and they all perfectly fit on me. Is that man a god or something, I never really questioned it but I guess he is indeed a god.'

I suit myself with a simple t-shirt and a shirt. I like being simple after all.

After looking in the closet, I fixed my bed hair using a mirror. Then I get out of the door and what I saw is a long hallway. There are two another bedrooms in the hallway until I reach the living area. There's three set of sofas which two of them are opposite eavhach other while one of the sofa are between the two sofa. Also a table in the middle of it. There's a large TV in the front of the table. Maybe 60 inches? I'm not sure but I can see the details of each edge of the television very well.

'So this is what having hawkeye feels like' I thought by myself before going to the left side where the kitchen is located.

The kitchen is also pretty large, not as big as the living room but it's not the word small could describe. From burners, oven, spoon, fork, chopsticks and expensive non-stick fryers. Everything is in complete set. It made me smile knowing that I could use these things in cooking. The fridge on the sde is alfairlydly large than what I normally see on houses. There are eggs, bacon and a lot of stuff to cook.

In the far side left of kitchen, I can clearly see another hallway that leads into the bathroom. It is also large. there are baskets where you can put laundry and a washing machine. Another sink could be seen with necessities like toothbrush and toothpaste is in the opposite direction of washing machine. There's another door that leads into the bathtub and toilet. A shower installed with heater could also be seen.

After an hour of testing the equipment around, everything works about fine. It's unnaturally large but it's something that I can live with. I decided to brush my teeth and cook for my breakfast, a simple sunny-side egg and bacon with bread loaf makes my morning better.

I decided to go outside of my house, the door outside is between the kitchen and living room. There's a small hallway with shoe racks before you can access the door outside. I put on my slippers first before going outside.

What have I saw is a gate in front of my door outside. The backyard is also pretty big and there's a large tree in the left. One thing I have noticed is that a small dojo on the right side. There's a rock pavement between the tree and the dojo that leads into the gate.

'Woah, this is really beautiful.' I thought while I am observing every bits of the surroundings. Lush green grasses keep dancing while the birds are chirping. I decided to go to the dojo.

The dojo is pretty normal, with a dozen of shinai in a basket in the side of the entrance. The design are obviously Japanese but there's something that caught my attention.

There's a katana in the middle section of the dojo, with its scabbard intact. There's one thing I only thought about seeing it, and it's beautiful.

I noticed that my body already holds the katana. The scabbard designed with blue color and gold flowers that compliments to its beauty. I remove the katana from its sheath and I was suprised about how good it is. I am not an expert of sword nor hold one in my whole life except for this moment but it certainly doesn't take an expert to know how masterful crafted is this.


Then there's a loud sound that suprised that I almost dropped the katana I'm holding. There's a floating window in front onmey eyes and this is what it display:

Name: Lugh Rusherie

Strength: E-

Endurance: E-

Agility: E-

Mana: ?

Luck: ?

Passive Skills:

Instincts C

Hawkeye B+



Active Skills:


It was a suprise, but a welcome one. So this is the system. It's certainly underwhelming compared to the novels I read but it just about right. Though its a wonder why my mana and luck are in question marks. Still, I was suprised by the Instinct C, maybe its my innate skill from my previous life. E- across the stats is also understood. There's obviously no active skills. There are also no abilities, since I'm not studying anything currently. Anyways, there's another message popup that appeard:

Mission: The Way of the Sword

To be a great swordman needs to have a strong body. Train until you have solidified your foundation. Every exercises should be done everyday. Use the katana as your practice sword.

Horizontal Slash: 100

Vertical Slash: 100

Diagonal Slash (Left and Right, alternative): 100

Push up, Curls up : 50

Jogging : 10km

Note: You can start tomorrow, if you didn't meet the requirements in a day. You'll be experiencing electric shocks in your body for 6 hours.

Wow, ain't this spartan straining? And that punishment sounds horrible. Anyways, I closed the system in front of my eyes as I put back the katana back on where it is originally. I left the dojo and decided to walk around the neighborhood.

Since one of my routines are jogging for 10km, I'm going to need to know the directions and be more familiar in the town itself. I was walking aimlessly while remembering the roads, there are some times that I got lost and needed to ask the people around. Thankfully all of the people around here are kind and pointed all of the direction I needed. I wasn't having a hard time memorizing the routes. It's really fun walking around the Kuoh town and taking note of where to buy the supplies I might need in future. It was still pretty weird and awkward knowing that I don't recognize anyone at all since I'm in another word. Not until I met a certain pervert.

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