Reincarnated In Dxd With Denial Of Nothingness Book

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Reincarnated In Dxd With Denial Of Nothingness


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Lets Watch Our Average But Proud Virgin Bachelor Mc Tackle The Absurdity Of Anime Logic And The Unreasonable Species That Is Also Known As Anime Girls. How Will The Mc React To Cringey Anime Bullsh*t He Will Face,How Will Mc Answer His Parent's About The Misunderstandings He Will Most Definitely Create That Defy The Laws Of Physics. Famous Mc Quotes And Quotes By The Memes He Watched "The F*ck Do You Think How Ill React You F*ckin Killed Me,I Mean Who The Fuck Fall In Love's With His/Her Killer Im Not A F*ckin Retard Who Thinks With His D*ck Or A Simp Who Let's A Girl Step All Over Him Just Because She Has A Pretty Face Ill Let You Know Im An Advocate Of Gender Equality Like Lord Kazuma You F*ckin Bimbo Goddes" "Sigh... As a Wise Man Said 'Sometimes It Takes A Real Man To Be Best Girl'...Why The F*ck Do I Look Like A Trap Version Of Merlin!!!!" "How Did My Slowpaced Average Life Became A Huge Clusterf*ck Of... I dont Even Know How To Describe My Life!!!!,This Just Shows How Absurd This Sh*t is" "God Please Take Me Back To My OG World I Cant Take The Absurdity Of This Anime World,Please Biblical God I Promise I Wont Masturbate At Jeannes And Gabrils Picture" "Ze F*ck Is This..., Hold Your Baby Instincts Shan.... Hey,Hey,HEYHEYEHY, WAIT.....I Can Now Proudly State That I Am Now Traumatize At Nipples.. Bleghhh" "Warning We May or May Not Watch Mc Avoid Girls Because Of His PTSD"


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