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Reincarnated in DC as Hippolyta's Son


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Max was huge fan of DC for as long as he could remember. As a kid, he once has a green lantern pillow that helps him to sleep, a Superman shirt that he always look so smug about, and a Batman cowl that he often wears at home. He would always imagine himself flying cities after cities, saving everyone that he could see and be revered as a great hero, marrying a beautiful heroine and save the entire planet. Thus, when he was offered with the chance to get reincarnated into a world of his choice after dying, he didn't hesitate for a second and chose the DC Universe and be reincarnated as Wonder Woman's little brother! He was ecstatic about everything, excited to meet his favorite heroes, get in a relationship with his favorite heroine and to finally become the greatest hero known to history. When he felt himself finally getting born, he excitedly opens his eyes, not caring how blurry it was, as he was dying to see the beautiful Amazons around him. Alas, he did not know how naive he was the entire time, as what greeted him were not gentle looking and beautiful Amazons, but numerous pairs of cold eyes that was directed at his direction. Getting locked and tortured into a dungeon for thousands of years, Max realized how stupid he was. As that thought surfaced in his mind, his mind finally broke. Note: Ahh, not an original idea, I know. But I really like the concept so give me a chance to do this. Tag: Anti-Hero, Action, Adventure, Mature, Harem, Tragedy, Cold MC, Reincarnation, System About 2 or 3 Harem members only. Disclaimer: I do not own anything aside from OC's. The cover is also not mine, credits goes to its owner.


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