1 Chapter 1: Oh My God… Literally!

My Name is Harumi Minori and not too long ago I was a regular 17 year old Black/Japanese kid living in Atlanta, Georgia worrying about school, girls and sports. That was until I …. died and kind of met God! Let me start from the beginning. I was on my way home from school when I saw this girl from my class name Jessica getting attacked by these two guys I recognized who were expelled last year for sexual assault against a student. I stopped them before they could really do any damage, I really kicked there asses. After they were unconscious I brought them to the principle and he expelled them on the spot. Ever since I had to watch my back because I heard they were out to get me I walked over into the alley and asked them "You guys again? Haven't you learn from last time. This time I'm taking you to the police".

The oldest looking guy replied to me "Look, the hero has finally appeared. We been looking for you prick".

"Well here I am assholes. You've been looking for a round two right. Ready when you are." I replied, as I walked up to the first thug. He lounged at me, but I side stepped and kicked him in the gut no doubt putting him in a lot of pain. He crumpled to the floor holding his stomach groaning. As I turned around to take care of the next one, I felt a piercing pain in my side. I looked down there was a knife sticking out the side of my stomach. I looked at the guy who was holding it as he pulled the bloody knife out and blood began to spray all on the floor. This fucking asshole was serious. Holy shit I am about to die and I haven't even been laid yet.

"Who said anything about a round two. That's what you get for trying to play hero" The guy said as he and his friend laughed manically.

I dropped down to the floor gripping my side trying to stop the bleeding when the girl in my class screamed as loud as she could.

"Did you hear that, I think someone is in trouble in that alley" someone around the corner said.

"Leave the girl, let's get out of here. " one of the thugs said.

As they left Jessica came running over to me as I lie there bleeding and cradled my head into her lap. This had to be the happiest time in my life, even though I was dying. She was screaming for help telling me sorry as I began to fade into nothingness. So this is it huh? Well in my next life God, I want to be a bad ass Samurai Wizard. But you got to allow me to keep my Nike's, please don't take those away, And in a few more seconds that was it.

When I woke up I was in a huge room surrounded by statues of different Gods of Earth and even Gods of what look like other worlds I have never seen.

"So you finally woke up Harumi, good for you. We have to talk". A man said, he was older looking like he was in his 60's. He looked kind, he had a long beard and a bald head. And he even wore a Givenchy business suit.

"Ummmm, just a couple of questions sir. Who are you? Where am I? And didn't I die?"

"Well I am that I am" Said the old man.

He must be senile what the hell is he talking about.

"Okay so I take it you never read Exodus 3:14" The old man said when he looked at my confused face.

"Nope, my family wasn't really religious" I replied. At that he looked hurt.

"Well anyway I am known by many names. I am God, Jehovah, Yahweh, El Roi, Tetragrammaton and even El Shaddai, and you are in the Divine World. This is where all the Gods of all worlds live and watch over their worlds, and yes I am sorry to say you did die." God said.

Well suffice to say it took me a while to take it all in.

"But all is not lost Harumi, I have been watching over countless numbers of worlds for eons and have grown tired. Therefore let me be quick, I want you to take my place as King of the Gods. But I can't just give you the title and my powers and call it that."

"Wait what?" I replied stunned.

"Don't interrupt and let me finish. You need time to get used to these abilities, Therefore I'm giving you a second chance at life in another world. The world is called Baken and it's always at war, there you can help save it from itself and grow accustomed to these new abilities. I have already transferred half of my power to you while you were asleep, so you should start feeling the effects when you get to Baken. As requested I will allow you to keep your Nike's and you will be a bad ass Magic Samurai. I will also make it easier for you to adjust to your new abilities by making them appear as something you are used to… RPG Games. Now go live your second life because when that is over you be the New Head God of all worlds" God said.

"Wait, wait, wait is this a Joke. You want me to be a God. I can't do….." I replied until God cut me off.

"Bye young one, I'll be in touch." He said.

As he said that a transparent box popped up in front of my eyes it said "Quest: The King of the Gods has asked you to save Baken. Reward: Complete Godhood. Will you accept Y/N?" So it's really like a game. Guess I don't really have a choice I chose yes.

After that I began to fade into nothingness once again. I'm so tired of fading into nothingness.

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