1 CH1: Why does algae taste so good!




It was a rainy Wednesday night, the full moon was out and a 17 year old, professional web novel binge-reader was walking on a eerie street alone. You could say he was the perfect target for murderers...

He was looking at the roads. It was perfectly silent. Other than his footsteps no sound could be heard in the vicinity. He was Nick, Nick Whistle. He was a web novel enthusiast. Whenever he finds a good new web novel to read he's as overjoyed as a devil sneaking into heaven!

He looked around. He was walking home because he got out of detention because his friends dog ACTUALLY ate his homework. The night before detention he was staying at his friends house doing homework when his friends dog barged into the room and thought his homework was a delicious snack.

The cold wind brushed bast his shoulder, and Nick shivered. He turned a corner. His house was just ahead when he heard loud footsteps that wasn't his following him.

He ran towards his house but the footsteps also turned into a faster pace. But he was too slow... a stab went right through his heart. His blood dripping out




Those sounds weren't the rain... it was his leaking blood dripping out his body, one by one. He was alive of most of it so he counted how much drips till he died because he accepted his fate. He didn't have his phone on him and no sound came out any house, nor light.





He died.

In a white room Nick suddenly appeared there. He was confused AF and all he saw was a chair. He felt drawn to it. He didn't know why but he sat on it.

"This isn't heaven isn't it?"

"It's not"

Nick nearly jumped out of his seat then looked at the person/or god.

"Let's skim past introductions. I'm the god of reincarnations and your Nick"

"How do you know that?"



"So I'm gonna reincarnate you with a system in a magical world"

The god then followed up with this:

"Next you're gonna say WHY!"


Nick gasped and said this:

"Wait... are you also a man of culture?"

"Yes! And that's why I'm reincarnating you, I wanna give a fellow man of culture a new life with a system!"

"Nice, what as?"

"This wheel will decide"

Suddenly, a gigantic wheel appeared out of nowhere. The wheel had 3 sections on it, those sections where these:



And finally animal.

The god spun the wheel

The order was this,

Human, beast, animal, human, beast, animal, human, beast, animal.

It ended on animal

The god then said

"Oooh, don't worry you can evolve so from plain animal to magic animal and more and more till you reach a god like state"


The bright wheel disappeared. And a new one took its place. This time it's sections where so vast you couldn't even tell which animal was which!

The god spun the wheel again. But... sadly out of the millions- no BiLLIONS of options he got a weak little tadpole.

"F in the chat for Nick"

"Why, what did I get?"

"A tadpole"


"Nice reference but uhhh I guess can give you a cheat skill?"

"Ok fine but make it good"

"Time stop"



"Ok it seems you are happy I'll watch you from now on and adios amigo"

Nick then felt really small. I mean, he's a tadpole, he is small. He felt a gelatinous substance around him. He knew it was the egg from a book he read about frogs. Specifically it's life cycle.

Egg—————————> Tadpole —————————> froglet —————————> frog

He knew the life cycle, he also knew everything about them from biology. His class accidentally dissected a female frog that still had eggs in it! They then put it in an aquarium near their classroom window. They were the class pets, Timmy, Tim, Finn and Philip.

Anyway he pushed and pushed till he was out the translucent jelly like egg he was trapped in.

"I'm out! Wait what do tadpoles eat again?"

"Oh yeah, algae"

He looked around the pond he was in and reissued it was SO murky. Like literally, it was so brown. Luckily for some reason he could see.

Before he went and explored the murky waters, he remembered the god said he had a system so he knew what to do.



Name: [none]

Race: Chronos Tadpole

Level: 1

EXP: 0/50

Skill points: 0

Strength: 1

Agility: 1

Stamina: 1

Endurance: 1



[bite] level 1: you can eat food! And bite stuff causing damage

[Swim] level 5: you can swim!

[stop time] level 1: you can halt time for [1] second

[better eyesight] level [max]: a gift from the gods ps: sorry the lake is muddy



"Oh well I should've expected that"

He then scrolled down and saw his skills, he then said:

"Oh hey that's why I can see!"

"Also no worries dude"

"So I really can stop time..."


Nick turned around and did an X with his imaginary hands he pretended he had. Nick looked around and saw green microscopic balls of algae.

"Oh the algae are so close to me."

The tadpole swam over to them and prayed it would give him EXP.

He looked at the green balls and chomped down. 5 balls were packed together. 5 birds 1 stone you could say.

[user has gained 5 EXP]

"... NOICE..."

He said that for a reasons, this were:

Reason 1: they were so tasty! It was probably because he became a tadpole!"

Reason 2: they gave 1 EXP. it's at least something, right?

He looked at the other pieces of algae with gluttonous intents and chomped down.

[user has gained 20 EXP]

It was now the end of the day. He was full, and couldn't wait until he levelled up. Today, he accumulated [25 EXP]

But... a shadow was approaching the peripheral vision of Nick. Because of that he became more on guard but when he saw it. He froze.

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