Reincarnated as the villain's villainess princess Book

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Reincarnated as the villain's villainess princess


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I, Eleanor de Rosebert, daughter of the duke of the Azurite empire, was sentenced to death by my husband at the young age of 23.The necklace given by that mysterious man saved me. I got a second chance to live and came back 7 years before my death. I got the memory of my previous life. Is this the side effect of using dark magic.Will there be more side effects? Who was that man? I never expected to be saved by a stranger. Now, I am 16 years old. I will be killed by Anatanio me cuz Azurite, the crown prince of the Azurite empire seven years from now. I was tagged as the villainess by the people. My life was ruined and my family was stripped of its title. No, I can't die again in this magical world full of surprises I have to survive and protect my loved ones. I loved him so much and risked my life for him so many times. But he only had his eyes on Amelia la Shernai, daughter of one of the marquis family. People called her an angel.She used to be my childhood friend. Why did I end up like this? Can I change my destined future. I would definitely not die in his hands again. He hated me since we got engaged at 12 years of age. Now, I hate him the most. He repayed my love for him through hatred. I will never forgive him. But who would have thought that there would be unexpected turn of events. I was astonished "You are the stranger who saved me, aren't you?" "Miss, do I know you?"


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