4 Clan Members Gather

The young woman, whose name was Jian Yixue, was completely helpless, like a cockroach in a bottle.

Her body was shaking and sweating. But it was quite surprising that she was still able to stand tall and maintain her cocky demeanor.


At this moment, a giant palm descended from the sky towards the four people.

Jian Yang and Jian Ming were already helpless.

As for Shen Jin, although he was still able to move, he preferred to stop his resistance.

He knew that if he fought back, there would only be more power aimed at him.

Compared to an Eternal Saint Ancestor, a Divine Emperor with six Divinities like him was just a child, even the seven Divinities weren't that much different. A minimum of eight Divinities to be able to dodge the attacks of an Eternal Saint Ancestor.

In fact, Qin Yuan is currently still in his palace, he is sitting on the palace throne, looking to the west.

His power is too great. While to others the distance between the Thousand Stars Continent and their current location was already quite far, to him it was only a few steps ahead of him.

He could tear through spacetime and appear directly in front of them.

Now all he sent was his power.


The gigantic palm emanating from the condensation of his power slapped them until they were flung into the sea below them.

The sea parted so that the land beneath was exposed.

Their bodies then crashed into the land.

In an instant, their bodies that were previously full of incomparable elegance and aura became full of blood.

If he wanted, Qin Yuan could have turned them into ashes, but he was new here and the concept of killing was still something too much for him.


[You successfully taught Jian Yixue a lesson, you got 100 Karma Points and 50 Charm Points.]

[You managed to get your revenge, you get 400 Karma Points.]

[20 Karma Points are deducted to pay your debt.]

{Karma Points: 480}

{Charm Point: 10,050}

"System, open the memories of the Holy Sword Sect and the God Clan," Qin Yuan ordered.

[Order accepted.]

{Karma Points: 470}

"Mmm..." Qin Yuan smiled wryly as he found out about the Sacred Sword Sect.

This sect was founded by the Holy Sword Emperor, an Emperor with nine Divinities.

He was renowned for his peerless combat prowess, having even fought Eternal Saint Ancestors several times and came back with a slight wound.

What was even more amazing was that he was from a Lower Realm.

When he came to the Divine World, he was already a Transcendent while most people were only in the Sage Realm when they arrived in the Divine World.

He was notoriously wild and offended many young masters of the great clans.

And he was also ruthless so he didn't care even if the opponent was a beautiful woman. If he can kill, he will kill them.

Many wanted to kill him, but they had to hold back because he was supported by an Eternal Saint Ancestor.

On one occasion, he injured a woman whose father was not afraid of his supporter.

The result was naturally revenge from the woman's father.

That father was Qin Yuan himself.

Yes, here he has a daughter.

From then on, the Holy Sword Emperor held a grudge against Qin Yuan.

"Yeah, things like this can't be avoided by anyone at the pinnacle of life." Qin Yuan smiled wryly.

"And the God Clan…" Qin Yuan became serious when he thought of this clan.

Even the original Eternal Star Ancestor was quite afraid of this clan. They were recognized as the strongest of all the clans in the Divine World.

It was because they had two Great Emperors or Emperors with ten Divinities. One of them is the Goddess of Life.

They also had one Eternal Saint Ancestor.

"I'd better avoid conflict with them for now." He was still quite rational.

If it was only one Great Emperor, he would not be too worried, but two plus one Eternal Saint Ancestor, even other Great Emperors would prefer to be silent.

After that, he pulled the Jian trio's body into the palace and left Shen Jin's body.

Soon the three of them appeared in front of him. They had passed out by now.

At the same time, figure after figure appeared in that palace hall, each no weaker than Jian Yang and Jian Ming.

Even among Saint Ancestors, only the Sixth Stage and above had the qualifications to meet Qin Yuan. In this clan, there were only eight, five at the Sixth Stage, two at the Seventh Stage, and one at the Eighth Stage. Unfortunately no one was at the Ninth Stage.

Qin Jian appeared after them, he saluted each one of them as the youngest.

He wasn't alone, he appeared with a middle-aged man with a sizeable build.

His name was Qin Lei, a Seventh Stage Divine Emperor.

"Husband, why did you come out?" Right after they appeared, suddenly there was a charming voice like the chirping of birds. It was hard for anyone to calm down when they heard this voice.

Qin Yuan himself was shivering, this was something he was really at a loss for how to react.

He didn't have many women, but there were still a few.

Most have died, including the mother of his daughter while the surviving ones are in self-isolation. But there's one that's still hanging around.

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