Reincarnated as The legendary moon sword
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Reincarnated as The legendary moon sword


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What is Reincarnated as The legendary moon sword

Reincarnated as The legendary moon sword is a popular web novel written by the author Diamond_Air, covering REINCARNATION, FANTASY, ACTION, ADVENTURE, MODERN, SWORDS, COMEDY, ROMANCE, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 36K readers with an average rating of 4.72/5 and 10 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 54 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Etɔrnam, the assistant of the most powerful female swordsman at his time was cursed never to have a pleasant reincarnation. That is, he would never reincarnate into a new life as a living being with new opportunities but would be stuck as an inanimate object for eternity, be it a stone or a house this curse simply didn't care. Having a deep love for her assistant, the great swordsman provided her legendary moon sword as a vessel for his next life right after she had been killed in one of the greatest wars in history; the war of blood and turmoil. She used the remaining part of her life as a source of power that would prevent her dear subordinate from ever breaking... Now, war after war the sword is used and discarded. This went on for ages... until, the thirst for war was forgotten thus, leaving him in a deep slumber beneath the soil of the land used for the purposes of technology.


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Wow! Sci-Fi! I loved science, but here is wondrous! But I'm into mystery and horror, this story can give someone interest your taste. It was like an Action Movies, great wars are difficult to write most in the battles. But hey, who knows that you can write the most detailed battle ever? This is a great story author! Keep up the good work! :)


A unique and nice novel, the grammar is good, couldn't find any mistakes. The story is developing in a satisfactory phase, which is not too slow or not too fast, keeping readers like me engaged. The sci-fi plot is amazing, I liked the mc, and the other side characters introduced till now. I will be rooting for the novel!


Really love the concept! An ancient magic sword finding itself in an 80's style sci-fi world? That is just cool! Unfortunately, your writing doesn't do the story justice yet. The pacing is a bit off, with grammatical errors, run-on sentences and an overuse of ellipses (...). The characters are fun and you've defined their personalities rather well, so that's going for you. I look forward to seeing how you improve. Keep it up!


The story is narrated by a legendary sword. This one point in itself steals the show, The sci-fi vibe is very optimum. the style of narration is cool and the plotline is great, Still, it could be more polished, for a project beginning, it's a good start.


Honestly, I am not into Sci-fi but this book worth my time. I am really glad I came across this. Moreover the story background is greatly described & characters are well explained. Well done!


Another amazing novel by my favorite author .i never read sci-fic but love this novel I love the way story is headed .waiting for update keep up the good work.fighting!


oThis took my imagination to the next level. I can imagine every description written in my head. Looking forward to how you will end this story!😍


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Welp, here I am giving my own novel a five star rating... pretty odd but I have no choice, I need those ratings and reviews so bad. Anyway, I thought I'd be dropping this right after the contest ended but the ideas just raided my mind and I can't stop typing... For my other book, I simply feel lazy. I can't really assure frequent updates since I'm always busy... but then, I hope you stick around to find out what'll happen to our MC in the very end.


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