3 World of Acres

Why did Aliss father throw me outside the house? I hope that Aliss search for me. I waited for almost 20 minutes yet no sign of Aliss. Suddenly a random young adult boy appeared and picked me up from the ground. I check the boy stats.

[Vicar] Level 6

HP: 500

MP: 90






Int- 30/100

Perception- 22/100

Charisma- 53/100



Resistance- 0/100

Most of the young adult I enter the shop was level 10 and higher, but this boy was below 10. It seems this boy does not wish to be an adventure. Then the boy took me, and a few minutes later, I arrive at his home.

I'm not sure to call this a home, but I guess they were poor. There was no house as they live in the dark alley of the streets. A lot of people were there. I think this is what you call a slum area.

"Mom! I found this ring, and I want to sell this ring to buy you some medicine."

Then he gets a knock in his head, "I already told you to stop stealing from people...I don't want my son to become a thieve." She then took the ring from Vicar's hand and told him to return the call he stole.

"Mom...I didn't steal the ring, and I found it lying on the ground." He explains to his mother what happens.

Vicar's mother told him to find the owner of the ring as the owner was probably looking for it right now. She also told Vicar that don't worry about her as she is still doing fine. Vicar then left to find the owner of the ring.

I thought that I would end up in the store again, but luckily Vicar's mother told him to search for my owner. Vicar looks at me, and he tried to put me on his finger.

"I guess this is what the adventurer usually wears the stats booster ring... this ring sure looks nice."

Well, I take that as a compliment, "Yeah, I know I have a nice design." Even though he can't hear me, I still reply to the praise.

Suddenly Vicar started to look around as he was looking for something. "No one here...But I'm sure that I hear someone talking to me." He then scratches his head, confuses about the voice that talks to him.

I realized that maybe he could hear me, so I tried to talk with him back. "Do you hear me! If you do, the one that speaks to you is me the ring."

Vicar then looks at me, "Is the ring talk to me, or I started to go crazy?"

I said yes to Vicar, and he was not crazy. Vicar was pretty surprised about me and started to talk about me. He was curious because he never thought that a ring could speak with him.

I explain my story to Vicar as he listens to it. He says that reincarnation does exist in this world, but according to history, it happened 100 thousand years ago. People call it the Destroyed Era because that were when most of the human died fighting the Demons and the destruction of the world.

Vicar says that most of the history about the Destroyed Era vanished in the Rebuild Era when the humans tried to rebuild the world from the demons destructions.

It seems like this world is full of mystery.

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