14 Who Are You?

I hope that he will stay calm and not panic when I started to speak up to him.

"Hey! Are you searching for me?... The one who speaking to you right now is me! The ring."

The bronze knight looks at his surroundings and realizes that no one was there, he then looks at me weirdly. "Are you the one that speaks to me?" He gazes at me.

"Yeah! I am the one that speaks to you right now..." I quickly replied.

"I thought that I started to hallucinate but it is true, it was you that actually speak to me." The bronze knight looks at me as he continues to speak. "I'm sorry that I had killed you, master."

"My master? What are you talking about?" The knight then pointed his finger towards the dead corpse.

"Isn't that your master dead corpse?"

"Of course not! This dead guy stole me from..." Before I say another word, they just happen to found me in the street. I was not stolen but rather just being picked up from the ground.

"From?" The bronze knight asked suddenly as he was still suspicious of me.

"From my actual owner Aliss Steenswis..." I hope that the bronze knight will trust what I said.

"Aliss Steenswis, the daughter of Noble Steenswis Family, that is your owner?... I think you lying to me." It seems like he yet to trust me whether I was telling the truth or not.

"Trust me! You can ask Aliss herself...I just want to be with my owner back."

"Hmmph... Okay, I guess we should ask Aliss herself then. If you are not Aliss ring, I will hand you to the church instead."

After that conversation, we then headed back to the city. There was no conversation along the way as I don't know what topic to talk with him. But I then realized something weird about him.

If I recalled back then in the forest, I was sure that his armor was already crack by that monster and he the blood coming through it. The weird part was that there was no crack or any damage to his armor and it looks as his wound already healed as he walks normally like there was nothing ever happen to him.

I immediately ask him about his armor and his wound but he just looks at me silently as he continues to walk towards the city. I kept pestering him to tell me about it but he never replied or bother with me pestering him.

Soon we reach the city gate, one of the guardsmen that guarding the gate quickly rush towards us and says, "Sir! We managed to locate the stolen items and for that the captain thanks you for your help."

"Oh that's good, how about the two Cavernsnare corpses?"

"We already bring that to the church."

"If there trouble just to make sure to tell me, I will gladly help anyone." He then walks away from the guardsmen.

I then hear some of the guardsmen mumble about the bronze knight while we walk passed the other guardsmen.

"He handles two Cavernsnare alone and managed to defeat both of it. I guess the rumor was true after all."

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"I already said that the rumors were true! It was your guy's fault not believe it sooner." He smirks to the other guardsmen.

"He was indeed bronze of the 12 holy warriors..."

I could not hear the rest of it as we were too far away from the guardsmen but now I understand why this knight was powerful as he was one of the 12 holy warriors.

But does that mean he already knows me?

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