10 Thief

I realized that I was in some other place. I could not look around that much as I was placed on the table. But I did notice that I was in someone's home.

I also notice that two men are standing up in front, and it seems like they were talking about something. I listen closely to what they are saying.

"Today sure is our lucky day, right!" One of the men speaks as I the other man approach me and pick me up on the table.

"Yeah! You right, we are quite lucky to find this golden ring." As I was getting tossed in his hand.

"I am sure the boss will be happy... After all, we did manage to steal some items from the nobles plus this golden ring that we found on the street." They both started to laugh as the man that tossing me around put me back on the table.

They continue to laugh, but they suddenly stop when another man enters the room. I can't see the man clearly as he was wearing a cloak.

"Do you think I will be please by your effort!" The man wearing the cloak shouted both of them.

"I'm sorry boss, but we did..." One of them responds, but the man wearing the cloak quickly interrupts it.

"You guys barely manage to escape from the noble mansion... I also heard that the guardsmen of the mansion saw both of your faces."

"We are sure that the guardsmen didn't saw our faces..." The man replied with confidence, but I could see that his body was shaky.

"Didn't saw your faces right...I believe you." He then pulls out some sort of paper from his cloak and shows the paper to them. It was both of the men wanted posters.

After seeing the paper, they just standstill as they tried to explain to their boss but their stutter quite a lot.

"You know what happens when someone fails their mission right..."

They immediately apologized and begged their boss not to kill both of them. "Please don't kill us, we don't wanna die."

"You guys already know the consequences if you fail or make some mistake... Both of you also know that I am not the one who easily forgives people. I already set an example once to both of you by killing Caz." He says that as he walks towards the table.

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"We both truly sorry but we didn't expect the guardsmen to patrol that area." They pleaded very hard to their boss as they didn't want to die.

"I already decided to kill both of you and I will not..." He stops as he was looking straight at me. He then quickly picked me up and asked his underlings about where they found me.

They quickly tell their boss that they found me on the streets after they barely manage to steal and escape from the noble mansion.

"I guess I will forgive you, worthless peoples, after all." He let out a grin. I could see his face very clearly as he looks me very closely.

"We are grateful for the chance but may I ask why did you forgive us as you said earlier that..."

"I am indeed not the person who forgives people easily, but you guys did well bringing me this ring." He was so fascinated by me as he inspects me very closely.

One of his underlings asks what so special about the ring as it was just an ordinary ring. The man then laughed and replied that this ring was the Atheas Ring. But it seems that his underlings still not understand completely what he was saying.

I was also curious about what he was saying about me...

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