9 The Skills (II)

-Acrest (Locked)- Any Class

>Skill Level I

Arcane Whisp (Locked) = Receive an additional 7% reduction in talent cooldown time.

Crest Blessing (Locked) = Immune to all damage for 3 seconds. It also gains 20% movement speed for 5 seconds. It can only be triggered once while in combat.

Mark of Crest (Locked) = Grants immunity to all damage for 1 minute but renders the user immobile and unable to attack.

>Skill Level II

Monster Killer (Locked) = Any normal attacks will kill any monster that has less than 5% of HP.

Damage Multiplier (Locked) = Killing the same race of monster will give a boost the user damage by 8% per monster slain. Stacks up to 6 times.

>Skill Level III

Crest Boost (Locked) = Additional 50% EXP bonus to the user and 20% to the user party member.

Endless Cycle (Locked) = Resurrects the user when killed but after the user revives, the user will not gain any EXP for 1 week. It can be used only 3 times.

-Orion (Locked)- Suitable for a Mage, etc.

>Skill Level I

Light Of Sacrifice (Locked) = Deal an extra 10% magic damage to the enemy but the user will receive an extra 5% of damage.

Magic Refill (Locked) = Recovers 8% magic when a spell successfully hits an enemy hero.

Sacred Blob (Locked) = All the user's spell will gain an additional 10% cooldown reduction.

>Skill Level II

Holy Bless (Locked) = User will receive additional healing by 16% while getting heal by other people.

Holy Verdict (Locked) = Immobilize the enemy for 45 seconds and reduce their movement speed by 20% for 1 minute.

>Skill Level III

Sacred Protection (Locked) = When the user took huge damage in a short time, the user will gain a shield that will protect the user from any damage for 60 seconds. The user also receive a 22% stats boost.

Holy Thunder (Locked) = Enemy that has been hit by the user spell will get stunned for 10 seconds and this skill also boosts the user's next spell damage by 70%.

Holy Summoner (Locked) = Summons an ancient fairy to help the user in a battle for 1 minute. When the ancient fairy is on the user range, the user casting time will be reduced significantly.


After reading all of the skills that been provided to me by the system, I once decided to wait and see what my user class was. I could only choose one of these factions now.

If I picked wrongly, the skills would be useless. "I guess I will decide later."

-Talent and Skill Still Not Configure, Are You Sure To Exit?-

-[YES] [NO]-

I say yes and the whole menu began to close as the system only shown me one-word r in front of me that was saving. It took quite a while to finish saving.




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All the words finally disappear from my eyes as I can see the world once again. But then, I realized something was wrong as I was not in the street anymore.

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