15 The Holy Warrior

I tried to ask about whether he was the holy warrior but he was not replying to my question as he continues to walk. I then give up to talk with him, it may because he did still not trust me yet but I hope these misunderstandings will be clear after I reunited with my owner Aliss.

While we still on our way to Aliss place, the talk about a bronze knight defeating two Cavernsnare was the talk of the city cause every time we walk passed the townsfolk they will point the knight and started to mumble about him.

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"I wonder does he is one of the 12 holy warriors?" Shouldn't he be...

I then just realized that I never saw his stats before as I suddenly get curious to know about it. It may give me a few hints about whether he was one of the 12 holy warriors. When I saw his stats, I was amazed as I never saw someone with a higher level than 50.

[Bronze Knight] Level 79

HP: 0

MP: 0


Str: 0/100

Dx: 0/100

Ag: 0/100


Int: 0/100

Perception: 0/100

Charisma: 0/100


Magic: 0/100

Resistance: 0/100

But there was something weird about his stats. Why does he have all 0 in his stats and besides that his name was just Bronze Knight? There's no way he has 0 stats as he was level 79 and also his name was Bronze Knight, it's too weird.

I try to recheck his stats and his name but the result was the same. I then begin to believe that something was wrong about it and it maybe because he was one of the 12 holy warriors.

The doubt in my head as to whether he was one of the 12 holy warriors was clear. I think that he was one of them as may stats checker never went wrong before. I guess that the 12 holy warriors already had a way to counter my skill.

I was so focused on this matter that I don't realize that we already arrive at Aliss place. We at the front gate of Aliss house as the knight ask the guards to let him enter the manor.

"Can you state your business here sir?" The guard asks the knight.

"I'm here to meet with Miss Aliss Steenswis." The bronze knight replied as the guard look at him as there something wrong.

"Wait a minute! You...are the bronze knight!" The guard's face seems to lighten up a lot when he saw the bronze knight.

"I am indeed the bronze knight but..." The guard cuts the bronze knight conversation as he says, "Thank goodness you are here, I am sure Sir Allen will be please."

The guards let us enter the mansion and lead us the way. When we enter the manor, I feel so happy as I would be reunited with my owner.

"Please wait here for a moment, I need to tell Sir Allen about your arrival." The guard then leaves us in the hall.

A few minutes later, the guards return with Aliss father. Aliss father immediately greets the bronze knight. The bronze knight greets him back and asks to meet with his daughter Miss Aliss.

When the knight says Aliss name, Aliss father face seems sad somehow. "Is anything wrong?" The bronze knight asks Aliss father.

"Would you do me a favor?"

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