4 System

"Tell me more about this Destroyed Era? What happens."

"I also don't know much...I'm sorry."

"Why? You should know your world history."

"For peoples like me... we don't know much about our world."

I began to wonder what he means by 'people like him'. I was confused and asked him what he meant by that.

"What I meant is that we are the poor people, most of the noble call us the slum dwellers."

I remember that Vicar had brought me to his home earlier, I feel stupid as I should have known what Vicar meant.

Vicar continues to talk, "Only the nobles can attend the academy or school to learn about the history of the world and other things. The slum dwellers know the common history of the world."

I feel sorry for Vicar. I never thought that the world was like this.

"Hey! You never told me your name, Mr.Ring."

"Oh! My name is Chase..."

Vicar then asks me about my owner's looks or name as it would help him to find the owner, quickly.

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"Hmmm if I not mistaken she is a beautiful lady with red hair and her name was Aliss."

Vicar's face was pretty shocked after hearing that name. He stops moving and stands on the spot. I began to notice that something was wrong and quickly ask him why.

"Aliss Steensiws..." Vicar stuttered with his tone.

"You do know my owner! So let's hurry up and take me to her."

Vicar seems to know something, but from his face, I could tell that something was wrong.

"What's wrong, Vicar?"

"I'm sorry... I can't take you back to your owner."

I was shocked after hearing what Vicar said. He then was about to remove me from his finger.

"Vicar! What's your doing? Stop!"

Vicar throws me away in the streets and left from there. He runs very fast as he a few seconds later, he vanished from my sight.

Once again, I was here on the street, alone. I began to think about why Vicar throws me away. If there something wrong about Aliss?

From his reaction before, I could tell that he was scared when I say Aliss name. I kept thinking about it for hours, but I still don't get it why Vicar throw me.

I don't know how many hours I been here, but I was already getting darker. I feel tired and hoping that when I wake up, someone has already picked me up.

In my sleep, I feel somebody was touching me, and I quickly open my eyes. It was just a cat that touching me. I was about to go back to sleep, but I notice there something wrong with my vision.

There was a red dot on the top right corner. It seems like this thing appears after I was asleep. I began to think about it and focusing hard on the red dot until the red dot opens up some sort of notification menu.


-System Install Complete-

What is this?

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