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Yes! I'm making my own review... I do know that my writing quality is not good and my word count for every chapter is very short but I do want you guys to understand that I'm quite busy. I just hope that you will keep supporting this story! If you don't like it please leave a feedback below.


Alright story, basically skipped all the chapters... I have found the story very dull. There's nothing rly to it. I mean the hero he travels with is already in the level 70s.... like wtf? We see no progression from the mc. It's like he is a little voice just floating along with the hero... I was waiting practically the whole story so far for the mc to go back to his "owner" the girl. I mean she is a newbie adventurer and is like level 10 or something. There would have been much progression from the mc and his companion then. We would see them grow together with the mc learning more about the world in the travels. He would acc gain levels etc. For me, the first couple of chapters were really weird with the father throwing away the ring to the random-ass happenings after. Then for me the story just becomes nothing. No progression for the mc no growth or anything just an extremely dull story with nothing happening. (for the mc) If the story was about the hero then it would be a bit more interesting but this isn't why I wanted to read the story. I came for the ring mc...


A pretty good read, but the author definitely needs to get an editor to fix the grammar mistakes. The story is nice though and it reminds me of Reincarnated as a Sword.


This story is very compelling but I have this urge to help the author with his grammar or at least help him proofread this story! This is a great novel but it would be much better with a little more touch of grammatical sense. Author if you’re reading this review, I will 100% proofread your story and fix any grammar errors. If you need extra hands, I’ll bring my buddies over to help!


Never gonna ever recommend this trash to anyone, this guy posts chapter as thin as flimsy as paper (I mean very short chapters) and still takes a lot of time to upload.


0w0 I felt really bad that a nice story like this was sitting here rotting with no reviews, so I rated it! 1. Writing quality is really good (as stated above) 2. Stability of updates is good, if you count out the occasional few day gap. 3. Story development is ok, but I think you can do better 4. Character design is a hard one, but I personally like the ring & stuff so yeah. 5. I don't even know what the hell is world background, so no comments on that.


Nice starting to the story. A very new concept to write about. Interested to find out the journey of a ring. Do check some grammer mistakes and use apps like grammerly or proaidwriter for help if needed. Be more stable in the updates


I only got to chapter three and while this story has great potential, it is extremely hard to get past the grammar errors. the style of writting Needs Improvement


Should you give it a try? only 65% I will recommend it! There are some grammar error, poor word choice and mistakes but I see that author was also aware of this problem and tried to fix it. I know it also quite hard to write in a language that is not your native. It's quite interesting novel and I will follow it for sure


nice plot but author can't explain the story. can't build the background. Main character become side character due to lack of screentime in story. Also author jumps from one situation to other(story inside story) which is anything but annoying. let's forget about grammar here.


Over all It could be worse. Look, I'm not going to stand here and act like you guys are all naive enough to not know what's going on in the "obvious Isekai." Its average joe shmo isekaied into, pause for dramatic effect, the heros ring. A legendary god-tier artifact that no one in this entire world has heard about. And of course the isekai "victim." 'Really hard to sell this genre as a bad time.' Is an overpowered magic mcguffin. Well he... It? has the potential to be. Yea, the Pepsi-twist that this generic isekai story going for is that he's a potentially "game breaking" support item for the hero, who does all the fighting. This is actually interesting and gives the story an air of tension that other fantasy story's don't have. Real death. See as top tier loot the protagonist is sort of immune to being killed or destroyed, but each arc's big bad. But the fingers he's on are much less safe. Heck the first couple of chapters convey that lesson very clearly. As he's then stuck to the knight who killed his last "finger detonator." And even though his new "benefactor" is your generic knight-like champion of justice. The fact that the ring is destined to go to the hero, gives tension to fights. Throughout the first arc I was worried for the knight, and as strong as he was he was going up against a final-boss-like opponent. The only thing that is truly holding this story back is the wrighting quality, and the character dynamics. And, slowly but surely both are improving.


Interesting premise, Promising start. slightly hard to follow after being thrown by the father. Things started feeling random after that. Couldnt make it through volume 2. Main issue is the plot. grammar and writing could be better but that’s not as important. Question for those who have read further: does it get better? Does it return to the red haired owner girl?


i interested in this story cuz of ring mc concept and romance tag and profile pic of the book. i expected some good development between ring and the owner girl as they grow alongside eachothe. but story stared to become boring after few chapters and still after 20 something chapter i don't get wat i wanted or expected like a good adventure and relationship MC IS A WASTE CHARACTER IN THIS STORY i hope you good luck for this story


Note to the author, stating what was said or that something happened takes the effect and action out of the story. Details are your friend and will help your story. also have your characters actually speak instead of saying that they spoke about something, this will add life to your story.


This novel is good, I like the storyline.. I could tell that the author also improve a little bit. I just hope the author can increase the word count of every chapter cause it just to short for me.


The ring is the MC and the hero is (insert wearer here). So far plot is nice and original, which is refreshing for me. The quality of writing kinda skips dialogue and jumps into chase explained the situation to X(can’t be named). Other than that I find the buying point is the plot of a ring (supporting the) hero and how the MC interacts with the world around him (or the system). I also want to further comment on.... E X P Had to do it. That was not a comment Good luck author for however your directions lead you.


Good concept but very poor writing. [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


One of the funniest novels I've looked at in a while, and it's a pretty interesting take on a saturated genre. I love the comedy, I just like to imagine walking into this guy's house and seeing hundreds of dakimakuras lining the wall. There are some grammer mistakes, but the writing more than makes up for that


I really like the novel so far and it seems like i will continue to like it but the author can not for the life of him write. what i mean is there are so many grammer mistakes I would rather go read a random mtl than this no matter how good the story is if you cant read it than its as good as not there


Is it dropped or redone?......................................................................................................................