16 Request

"Actually it's about my daughter, Aliss." His face seems to be worried.

"Is she in a danger or..." Before the bronze knight could finish his question, Aliss father cut in.

"Yes!" He then hold the bronze knight hand and tell him to save his daughter because she has not return from her quest yet. "Please save her, great knight!" Aliss father kept begging the knight to save her daughter. The knight told him to calm down and explain it more detail as it would be important information.

"Please calm down, Sir Allen. I need to know what the quest is?"

Aliss father then apologized for his panic behavior and started to explain what had happen. Few days ago, Aliss father was having an argument with his daughter about she trying to become an adventerur. He then throw her daughter stats booster ring outside the manor.

They continue to argue and his father was in rage and blurted out to her that if she really want to be an adventerur she better finish one hardest quest in the adventerur guild alone. She then leave the manor.

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"It's been a few days and she still not return and I realized that she might be in danger" Aliss father was about to cry.

I realized that this argument did happen when Aliss brought me back to this manor but I did not know what happen next as I was already thrown out by Aliss father. To think that my owner really did some dangerous quest alone, she was indeed brave and stupid.

"I really didn't mean it but I had lost my tempered and because of that..." The knight then hold Aliss father shoulder and tell him not to worry as he would definatenly save his daughter.

"Don't worry, I would save her and bring her back here."

Aliss father face seems to lighten up a lot, "I promise that I will reward you plenty of gold, I promise!"

The knight turn down that offer, "I am not doing this for gold, I am doing this because someone needed my help." He then left the manor and headed to the adventerur guild. I could see the smile of Aliss father when the knight agreed and not requesting gold to save his daughter.

Along the way, the knight finally talk to me. "I'm sorry I doubted you, from the explaination of Aliss father. I realized that you was the ring that had been thrown away."

I was happy that he started to trust me, "No worry bro! If I was you, I also had my doubt too." I laugh at the end of my word.

"Can I ask you something? What does bro mean?" The knight asks me that question. When I heard the question, I was surprised as he doesn't know what bro meant. I guess this world doesn't have that kind of word. "Can you answer my question?"

"Ahh! Yes...Bro means something like someone you could trust or you could just say it is similar to the word friend or comrade." I don't know what I am talking about as I don't really use to explain to other people as I don't usually socialize that much.

"Ohh...I see, thanks for the explanation bro!" The knights say it to me.

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