2 Reincarnation

It's been two months since I became a ring. I have already accepted the fact that I am no longer a person, but just a ring. I want someone to buy me at least and I hope that this person will treat me with care.

For a month, I managed to monitor the status bar of people who came to the store, this happened due to the fact that there are simply too many people entering the store, and I hate it when the status bar constantly pops up. Now I can choose if I want to check their status or not.

One day, I saw a beautiful girl with red hair who went into a store and asked the seller about the best ring. Of course, without hesitation, the owner of the store recommended me, as always, because I am the best ring for the aspiring adventurer.

Many people hesitated to buy me as I was quite expensive, surprisingly this woman bought me even though I was worth so much. I checked my owner's status as I was very curious about her statistics.

[Aliss Steensiws] Level 12

Health: 800

Mana: 150


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Strength - 10/100

Dexterity - 13/100

Agility - 13/100


Intelligence - 40/100

Perception - 52/100

Charisma - 77/100


Magic - 11/100

Resistance - 0/100

Her character stats seem average to me since I think that my owner was not an adventurer, looking at how she looked, it seems that she was the daughter of a noble. But who am I to choose my owner, since I am just an ordinary ring that cannot talk to anyone.

Aliss brought me to her home, and my guesses turned out to be correct since she was in fact the daughter of a noble. The area of ​​her house was so large and when she entered the house she was greeted by the maid. When Alice entered the living room, I saw a man sitting in a chair.

"Aliss! Where have you been? We need to talk about your marriage ..." this man seems to be very angry with Aliss.

"Father ... we've already talked about this, I don't want to marry Linceo."

Looks like my owner is having a problem with her father. Well, this scene looks exactly the same as the anime I usually watch. Some noble daughter does not want to marry her husband at the choice of her father, did not think that this would happen here.

"I think it has something to do with wanting to be an adventurer, doesn't it?" Aliss's father stood up and walked towards her, then put his hand on Alice's shoulder.

"I don't want you to be an adventurer and then die, just like your mother ... I don't want to lose you either."

Aliss then shrug off her father's hand and said that she dreamed of becoming an excellent adventurer, like her mother. After her father heard this, her father was very angry and took me.

"I gave you all these luxuries! But you still want to be an adventurer." then he threw me out of the house.

Aliss's father threw me very far away and I landed outside Aliss's house. I was very shocked by the distance that I covered, but now I am concerned about what will happen to me if I lie on the ground.

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