18 Old Friend

"You think I will rot away as normal people do." He laughs, "Anyways, I am glad that you are still doing fine and I see you still wearing that armor." He continues to laugh again.

"You are the same as always, Sir Esmir. I also glad that you are still energetic enough even for your age."

"HAHAHA! So why are you here? I doubt that you are here to join this guild."

"The actual reason why I am here is to ask about a girl name Aliss Steenswis, did she come here to get a quest?"

Sir Esmir told the knight to wait a minute as he tried to recall his memories. After a few seconds of wait. "I'm sorry, actually I don't know a girl name Aliss Steensis." He then laughs hard.

"Okay then, I'm sorry to bother you. I better ask other adventurers." The knight about to leave Sir Esmir to ask another adventurer about Aliss but Sir Esmir told the knight to wait.

"Wait! I do remember a woman entering this guild a few days ago asking what was the hardest quest in this guild..." The knight cut in Sir Esmir talk and quickly asking what was the quest that woman take.

"Don't be impatient, let me finish what I about to say first."

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"But she could be in danger cause..." Sir Esmir also cut in the knight talk as he says to listen to what he about to say first. The knight that apologized to Sir Esmir and let him continue his talk.

"That woman indeed asks for the hardest quest but she could not take it cause the requirement for the hardest quest needed a party, 8 people. She then asks for a quest that can be complete by one person."

When I heard what the quest Aliss take, I realized that it was not a hard quest. She takes a quest that needed her to get some fruit in the forest. It still can be a dangerous quest as there will be some monster but it was still not a hard quest.

"If I not mistaken, I think the quest took her to Dalgueuil Forest."

"Thanks, Sir Esmir for your help, I will be on my then." The bronze knight says his thanks to Sir Esmir.

"Of course I help you, you do know that." He smiles.

"Yea, I do. Thanks again." The bronze knight then leaves the adventurer guild and our rescue mission was about to start. I hope my owner is fine there.

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