201 Investigate

Vicar walks away from the village. He seems to be thinking about something as he wasn't paying attention to the path ahead. He nearly hit a large tree to his own face. Luckily I was there to snapped him out of what currently in his mind. 

"What's on your mind? Ever since we left the village, I notice that you have been thinking of something. Care to share it with me?" I said to Vicar. 

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"Well, I have just been thinking about what the girl says before we left. Why is it be dangerous for us to stay there..." Vicar says, "There nothing there that seems dangerous to me. It seems pretty peaceful."

"Maybe they just don't like a stranger or they're hiding some secret and if you did discover about it, your life would be in danger," I replied back to Vicar. 

I look at Vicar as I somehow figure out what he was trying to do next. "Are you really wanted to go back there, Vicar?" 

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