6 Creation

-Current Stats Preview-






Int- 0/60

Perception- 0/60

Charisma- 0/60



Resistance- 0/60

-50 Abilities Points Added-

The system has just given me 50 points. I must distribute the end equally. I then started to think of something important as I was just about to add the points to my stats.

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"Why do I have stats if I am a ring?" I began to ask myself a question. It was bizarre for a ring to have stats. But the thought was gone after I realised that I am a stats booster ring.

"Now I know why I have stats. I guess I will distribute the point equally as a normal person would do." The distributions must be equal as I really want to be a balance stats booster ring that will boost my owner's Body, Mind, and Spirit stats.

-Current Stats Preview-






Int- 6/60

Perception- 6/60

Charisma- 6/60



Resistance- 8/60

I was delighted with the distributions of the stats as I think it was really balanced. The reason why I put the resistance point more than the other stats was that in this magical world, most enemies would use magic spell instead of a weapon.

It will make my owner has more resistance to any kind of magic attacks. I don't know what to do next as the stats build option was still opening up even though I already distribute my point.

"How do I close it? Should I say exit stats build?"

Suddenly another pop up appear in front of me. I was really surprised by it.

-Talent And Skill Still Not Configure, Are You Sure To Exit?-

-Current Data Will Be Saved-

-[YES] [NO]-

"What there's more to do..." I think for a while, and then I choose the No Options. The system then closes the current pop up and resume with the recent stats preview. But I still don't know how to access the Talent and Skill menu.

The only thing I could try now was to say a random word that will somehow give me access to the next menu. After a few minutes of saying random stuff, It still stuck at the preview stats menu.

"What other words that I didn't say..." I began to think and keep trying my luck. It continues for a few more minutes until I finally figure out how to access the talent menu. Apparently, I just need to say stats build complete.

"Finally! Now to choose my talent."

-Saving Stats-

-System Loading-

-Loading Talent Built-

-Accessing Talent-


It took quite a long time to finish the loading of the talent menu. I have to wait around five minutes just for my system to finish loading it.


-Manual Talent Built-

I was overwhelmed by the talent menu; it has so many talents to choose as it making me hard to choose. I need to read every talent description as I want to select the best talent for me.

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