12 Bronze Knight

I was about to check the bronze knight stats but the boss of the bad guy flees from the battle.

"Finish that foolish knight quickly!... I will be waiting outside the city with our loot." He then runs as fast as he could. He also manages to evade the city guardsmen that were searching for him.

A few minutes later, I could see that we are reaching the gate of the city. There were many guardsmen there checking every person who walks in or out from the gate. I was sure that Daylor will be caught by the guardsmen if he walks through it.

But I was mistaken, when Daylor walks through the guardsmen inspection he was not arrested as the wanted poster showed the Daylor subordinate faces not him. He then proceeds to the gate, he quickly goes into the forest to hide and wait for him lackeys.

As he was waiting for his subordinate to come, he then looks at me and let out a smirk.

"Finally!... I could take my revenge, with this ring...I am unstoppable..." He laughs.

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He waited for almost an hour, then a sound faint sound coming from the bush nearby. Daylor notice it and thought it was his subordinate that has finally managed to defeat the bronze knight.

But surprisingly it was the bronze knight and not Daylor subordinates. I could see that his bronze armor was cover in blood. It seems like his battle with the two monsters was not an easy one.

"I was surprised to see you instead of my subordinates..." He laughs as he continues his speech, "But you must be a fool to follow me here cause...." He stopped talking as something appear in front of him.

Suddenly six large fireballs were thrown at the bronze knight, the knight could react in time as the fireballs hit. The impact of the fireballs was huge as it triggers an explosion.

"Cause I already prepare my traps...Despite my appearance, I'm one of them...." He stutters on his arrogant speech as he saw the bronze knight still standing there unharmed.

Daylor was shocked and unleash a barrage of fireballs to the bronze knight but still, the knight seems unharmed with Daylor fireballs. When Daylor about to cast another fireball spells, he was hit by the bronze knight shield and fall to the ground.

When he was about to stand up, a sword was already in front of his face. The bronze knight then tells him to surrender as he doesn't want to kill a human.

"I will never surrender to a low-level knight! I am above of you.... cause with this ring I will become the new king!." He then cast a light spell that blinded the knight as he standss up and gets his distance from the knight.

"You should kill me when you had the chance... I am no longer a human ever since that day." Daylor started to transform as horns began to come out his head, his teeth were getting sharper and his body started to become more buff.

When Daylor still on the process of transforming to become a monster, the bronze knight quickly dash to attack Daylor but it was a little too late as Daylor just punch the knight, which sent him flying.

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