11 Atheas Ring

"I guess I need to explain to you, stupid people." The man then talks.

Legends say that this ring was owned by the demon king itself. It granted the demon king tremendous power that enables the demon king to destroy this world in the first place. It was too powerful that no one was able to defeat him at that time...

"But if it was too powerful...Why the ring was here now? Shouldn't it be with the demon king." He looks confused.

"Can you let me finish?" He looks at his subordinate angrily as his subordinate nod and let his boss continue to talk.

But of course heroes rises to defeat the demon king. The heroes called themself the 12 holy warriors and they were able to defeat the demon king. After they manage to defeat the demon king.

The 12 holy warriors know that the source of the demon king power was the Atheas Ring and they seal the ring power to prevent any other person to gain the ring power. They even alter the ring appearance to look like a normal ring so that people would not know.

"But I am surprised that this ring has returned to its original look."

I could see his subordinate was still confused about something as he asks another question to his boss. "How do the boss knows about this stuff?"

He laughs, "Hahaha! Of course, I know about it...But you guys do not need to know how I was able to gain knowledge about this stuff as I need you to move all the stolen items as we need to move out of this city."

It seems like this man knows more about me, I am a little curious about his stats.

[Dalyor Nortoris] Level 44

HP: 7000

MP: 15,000


Str- 34/100

Dx- 29/100

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Ag- 29/100


Int- 73/100

Perception- 79/100

Charisma- 80/100


Magic- 85/100

Resistance- 20/100

I am very surprised by his stats as I never saw anyone above level 20 before. It could assume that he is very good at magic as his MP was quite many.

He then tries to put me on his finger but somebody knocks the door outside. His subordinate then looks from the windows and it tells his boss that it was the guardsmen.

"Damn, you guys take anything you could grab and let bail out from here."

They quickly take as many as possible and the headed to the back door and was about to make an escape but somebody was already waiting for them. It was a knight with a full bronze set armor.

"I would like you thieves to surrender as I don't want to kill you." He then points his sword towards Daylor.

"HAH! A mere knight wants to stop me... I could tell that you are a new knight as you still wearing that bronze armor." He laughs as he told his subordinate to kill the knight as quickly as possible.

"Of course boss, this bronze knight will never stand a chance against both of us."

Their body started to change drastically as let out a scream, they then become a monster. I never saw a monster in this world and it was really different from what I imagine from my experience watching anime. I check the monster stats and they have a similar name and stats.

[Cavernsnare] Level 25

HP: 10,000

MP: 0


Str- 40/100

Dx- 25/100

Ag- 25/100


Int- 40/100

Perception- 30/100

Charisma- 0/100


Magic- 0/100

Resistance- 28/100

The bronze knight takes out his shield as he knows that it might get very dangerous.

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