17 Adventurer Guild

We arrive at the adventurer guild, it took quite a while to get here. When we enter the guild, all of the adventurers there glare at the knight as if they hate him or something. I then overheard some conversation between four adventurers there.

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"Why is he here?" He looks at one of the adventurers.

"Don't look at me! As if I know why he here."

"Probably he realized that helping people without any gold doesn't do him any good." He smirks.

"You have a point there, but if he joins this guild we all will be out of a job as he will complete all of the quests in this guild."

"You right! He is one of the 12 holy warriors, after all, defeating some monster will be ease." They then stand up and walk towards the bronze knight and ask him why he was here and tell the knight if he wants to join this guild, he better forget it as they won't allow it.

"Why you bother coming to this city anyway! The moment you arrive at our city, the quest at the quest board becomes less every day."

"And now you are here thinking to join the guild! Of course, we won't allow it"

The bronze knight just stood there listening to their trash talk towards him. When he about to say a word, he will be cut off by other adventurers. Why do people assume he wanted to join this guild, he and I just wanted to know about Aliss quest.

Suddenly, one of the adventurers that sit in the corner of the guild shouted the adventurers that trash-talk the knight. It was an old guy wearing a plain iron armor that shouted the four adventurers.

"Hey, young guys there! Aren't that you guys assumption, we don't know whether he is here to join the guild or not. But I am sure that he is here for not that reason."

The four adventurers then leave the knight alone but I could see their face still pretty angry. I don't know who that old guy was but he indeed helps us. The bronze knight then walks towards the old guy.

"Thanks, Sir Esmir, I don't know that you became an adventurer in this city."

I was surprised that the bronze knight knew this old guy, was the old guy his friend or his family. I am a bit curious about that.

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