1 Kal-El to Clark Kent

It felt like a dream ... A very drunken dream in which I could not hear or see properly ... Blurry images are what I saw, sometimes of a man wearing a ridiculous looking head piece, blue lights flashing on and off, but mostly of a beautiful woman speaking something softly to me and kissing my face all over.

As I open my eyes this time I find myself staring at those two faces again ... The woman was crying ... I couldn't understand what they were saying but a word a name, which they kept saying repeated countless times in my head and suddenly I had a moment of clarity ... Kal-El ... After which I found myself hugged and kissed by both of them, making me aware of my tiny hands and body. I tried to speak but all I managed was to cry aloud, making the woman sob and saying something to the man after which I was placed down from their hands and then they were separated from me by a glass. I heard loud noises, after a while I find myself staring down on what seems to be like a planet.

I was awake now, seeing this planet, knowing I could do nothing for what was about to happen.


It was so bright I couldn't open my eyes. This explosion confirmed it ... I have been reincarnated as Kal-El ... better known as Superman!

I was an otaku in my previous life lived my whole twenties through it, never accomplished anything. I had good parents at least , who were rich enough to let me live my life as I want. I loved DC comics superman, batman, flash, joker, justice league, injustice league, from comics to figurines I had them all, it's not like I disliked marvel, I liked it but just the movies I guess. I died I suppose and reincarnated, never remembered specifically dying or getting any wishes but I am not complaining. If I had to guess I will say heart attack while sleeping, totally won't surprise me. And I am freakin Superman now, like not right now ... I am a baby right now but in the future, like the real S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N, the man, one of the most op characters of all time. And that would mean I am in DC multiverse, but the question is which one ... What era of Superman I am ... no point in thinking about that right now ... My parents just died didn't they, Jor-EL and Lara, My planet Krypton exploded too ... I don't feel that sad though, probably because of not knowing them as much, still a bit sad seeing the people you just saw dying, especially my new beautiful mother.

That reminds me what about my cousin, Kara ... supergirl ? In the comics she was launched just behind me and gets sucked into Phantom zone because of the explosion. I tried and open my eyes to check but I was getting all dizzy and before I knew it I was asleep again.

I woke up finding myself staring at 2 new faces. A kind woman and a rugged man's face, I hope they are Martha and Jonathan Kent, making me at the famous Kent farm in Smallville, Kansas right now. And I was right they were and I could understand them too, I guess Lara and Jor-El conversed in kryptonian which I can't speak or understand. My new parents are really nice people, like who would adopt an alien child, good thing they haven't seen the bright burn movie. And no I would not go darkseid ... so forget that happening.

So from today I will be Clark Kent now, and I will be the most handsomest, coolest, strongest Superman ever.

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