1 Meeting ROB, wait where are my wishes?

[Rob/Robbert Gray P.O.V]

[Australia, Cinema, Winter, After the rain storm]

I was simply walking home from the Cinema (Theaters or Movies for you American people) I had an fun watching the newly released IT: Chapter Two but as I walk down the street my thoughts lingered back to the movie it self, while it was a good sequel I couldn't but be disappointed by Pennywise's spider form and death.

First off while I appreciate how they tried to used the spider concept from 1990 but it was the fact that Pennywise just grew larger and gain more legs and claws while maintaining his clown form that part was disappointing. Secondly Pennywise's death was sad and disappointing as the the Loser Club basically verbally abused It till Pennywise was the size of child.

In the end Pennywise was dumb he could have killed any or all the members of the losers club any time throughout the two chapters but he was too blinded by the greed of wanting to consume them once there fear reachs a limit but he was too late as they already grouped together and have a strong connection and belief in each other, that's the major issue if they have a strong belief in each other then Pennywise doesn't stand a chance.

These thoughts come to an end as I get drenched by a passing car splashing me by running into the pool of water near the foot path, the water lands into my face causing me to cover my eyes when all of a sudden a huge hurricane like wind hits me which pushes me back and causing me to slip on a small puddle that formed under me and have me fall into a manhole that was under construction.


[Third Person P.O.V]

Robert wakes up only to find himself in a hospital white square room, in the middle of the room was a strange white pillar that goes up to his waist, Robert walks up to the pillar and finds a hand carving in the middle, suddenly filled with a strange urge Rob places his hand into the carving causing the whole room to glow. After the room stopped glowing a 6'7 man with white hair, beard and wearing greek like robes appeared.

??? - "So your the one who died from falling down an under construction manhole."

the being stated while trying his best not to laugh much to the embarrassment of Robert causing him to blush a bit before quickly coming to the realisation that he is dead.

Rob - "If i'm dead that means I get wishes, right?"

Robert asks before looking confused as the being shakes his head in disappointment before replying.

??? - "I'm afraid you don't gain wishes my friend, but you get to be reincarnated into another world and I'll even through in a system for compensation so how about do, we got a deal."

The strange man lifts his hand to form a hand shake with Robert, Robert shakes it as the pros out ways the cons in his mind, a small portal forms under Robert but before he gets sucked in he hears a wisper in his ear.

??? - "By the way i'm a Random Overpowered Being, but you can just call me ROB, now have a fun trip."

Saying that the now newly named ROB lets go of Roberts hand causing him to fall through the portal before his consciousness fades to black.

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