2 Awakening

I tried to open my eyes but I found out that I couldn't like something was stopping me, so instead I concentrated on my other senses, 'wait what's that? Water dripping where? I must be underground', it seems that my senses enchanted to supernatural levels as just from a few drops of water I was able to not only that I was in a crater but the entire lay out of the cavern without even opening my eyes, 'must be some type of echolocation like Ability.'

[Ability acknowledged, Echolocation: Passive, allows the user to send a pulse of sound that gives the user the ability to see 10 meters (32.80 Feet) before bouncing back to the user and giving the surrounding information. (Basically a mini map)]


[System activating.]




[Greetings host. I am tasked by #&*$@*# to accompany you on your Main Quest.]

'System? Haha I have a system, wait what's this about my Main Quest?'

A blue screens pops up in front of me

[Main Quest: Bye bye Losers Club]

[Description: You have been reborn as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and it is your job to finish off what your predecessor embarrassedly failed to do.]

[Objective: Kill off and/or enslave the Losers Club. (0/7)]

[Reward: 10,000 Exp, 2,000 Fear Points, 15 Reputation and a World Ticket]

[Time Remaining: 26 years, 11 months, 4 weeks and 10days]

'I'm reincarnated as Pennywise shit what am suppose to do if I can't even move my body. Wait my consciousness even if my physical body is destroyed I am the Deadlights, the Cosmic spirit of consumption I can never die as long as the concept of fear remains I shall exist hehe I am truly enternal but I would still get destroyed by anything from Marvel or DC.'

'System can you show me my status and as well as tell me what your able to do.'

[Yes host.]

[Name: Pennywise (Rob Gray)]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 1/100]

[Stamina: 15/250]

[Strength: 10]

[Agility: 15]

[Energy: 8]

[Mana: 0]

[Stat Points: 0]

[Race: Eldritch Interdimensional being (True Form: Deadlights Locked)]

[Ability: Control over the Deadlights (X), (Shapeshifting (S), Telepathy (S), Immortality (S), Illusions (A), Mastery of disguises (A), Trickery B), Regeneration (B), Echolocation (C), High intelligence (D)]

[Skills: Lumokinesis (A), Essokinesis (B), Telekinesis (B), Megethoskinesis (C), Insanity inducement (C), Superhuman strength (C), Superhuman speed (C), Superhuman flexibility (C), Teleportation (C), Somnipathy (D), Possession (D), Partial invisibility (D), Chlorokinesis (D)]




[Fear Points: 0]

[Reputation: 5 Nobody (Only a select group of individuals know of you, in other words your a nobody)]

[Ability and Skill Grading: X, SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F]

'Not good most of my skills C and D grades lets see if we can improve on that. System can I use my consciousness and possess the members of Derry?'

[New Side Quest: The world is mine]

[Description: The Earth is yours as you have arrived and claimed long before human kind, take back your rightful place as the apex predator and rule the world.]

[Objective: Find away to take over the world this can be done by (A) forming a cult to take over Derry before spreading the religion throughout the world, (B) creating and organisation with having high political people as members or (C) both (A) and (B)]

[Reward: 500 Exp, 3,500 Fear Points and 65 Reputation]

[Time remaining: N/A]

'Well that confirms it.', I have been trying to possess one of the townsfolk for what felt like hours now, I know I have my Possession skill is (D) but come on. Wait I felt something yes a connection, then I immediately charged in to complete the process causing the body to collapse into an unconscious state while I go through some memories.

Once the body or should I say I woke up I was shocked I now possess the body of Al Marsh, Beverly's father and it seems that Beverly has yet to leave Derry, I was about to go to see Beverly until I get a notification from the system.

[Ding! Congratulations for completing the Hidden Quest: Parent of Losers]

[Description: imagine if the Loser's parents were under the full control of Pennywise, now they're are.]

[Objective: Possess one of the Losers parents]

[Reward: 200 Exp, 200 Fear Points, 5 Reputation]

[Time remaining: N/A]

[Congratulations you've reach Level 2 you have been given 3 Stat points use it well]

After being swarmed" with notifications I quickly dismissed them as I could read them later. Now was an important part of my quest that could be very beneficial to be later on, using Al's body I went to enter Beverly's room where see laid sleeping on her bed. I silently moved over to her till I was next to her bed, I silently placed my hand just a over her head and began using Somnipathy and slowly start infiltrating her dreams that will plant the seed of doubt in her mind and heart.

[Beverly's Dream P.O.V]

I am in a garden that was surrounded with a large variety of plants and flowers and large hedges, all was peaceful until I hear a someone's voice calling my name that echo's around the garden.

"Bev.....Beverly.....Beverly." ???

"Where are you, who are you?" I asked trying to search for where the voice was coming from when all of a sudden the hedges in-front of me separated enough to see a boy the same age as me (Early teens] the boy was 5 foot 7 inches he had black hair and hazel eyes, he was wearing a black jacket and jeans with a white shirt underneath. The boy reached out his hand to me as I walked closer to him as if I was drawn to him, I touched his hand and suddenly I woke up with sweat dripping down my body while wondering to myself.

"Who was that guy?" I asked myself despite not getting an answer while putting a hand to my heart is beating fast, I don't know why but when ever I think about that boy I am filled with a strange warmness.

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