Reincarnated as Napoleon

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Adrian, a man from the 21st century, is accidentally killed by the Goddess of Fate. As recompense for her mistake, she grants Adrian a second chance at life in an alternate world. Upon awakening, Adrian is startled to find himself surrounded by a setting reminiscent of eighteenth-century Europe. It quickly becomes apparent to him that he has been reincarnated as none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, the indomitable figure who once ruled over Europe for two tumultuous decades. Disclaimer: This work of fiction explores a speculative narrative in which the protagonist is reborn as Napoleon Bonaparte and embarks on a journey to power, encountering both historical and fictional characters. While the story draws inspiration from the life and historical context of Napoleon Bonaparte, it is important to note that the events, interactions, and outcomes portrayed in this work are entirely fictional and should not be interpreted as a reflection of real historical events.

SorryImJustDiamond · History
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440 Chs

The Plot

"The plan would be something like this, General Bonaparte," Sieyes began. "It is going to be a two-day coup. The first thing we got to do is to get the Directory out of Paris. If they remain in the capital, we run the risk that the neo-Jacobins would call the people of Paris to arms in defense of the government."

Napoleon nodded, understanding the need to remove the Directory from the immediate reach of potential opposition. He listened intently as Sieyès continued to explain the details of their plan.

"So, on the first day, Joseph and I will call an emergency meeting of the Council of Ancients," Sieyes explained. "During this meeting, I will inform them that a Jacobin plot has been discovered, creating an imminent threat to the Republic. We will emphasize the importance of ensuring the safety of the legislature by moving the meeting to the palace of Saint-Cloud west of Paris."