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Reincarnated As Michael Demiurgos In DC/Lucifer TV


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What is Reincarnated As Michael Demiurgos In DC/Lucifer TV

Reincarnated As Michael Demiurgos In DC/Lucifer TV is a popular fanfic written by the author Samael_Son_of_Dawn, covering REINCARNATION, VERYOPMC, MAYBEROMANCE, ACTION, DEMIURGICARCHANGEL, BADASSMICHAEL, RUTHLESSBUTSTILLMERCIFULMC, LOYALSON, SLICEOFLIFEANDADVENTURE, NOHAREM, TV genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 62 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 32 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This story is about Samael(Me) being reborn as Michael Demiurgos in DC/Lucifer TV world fusion. In all my other fanfics the story is that all of creation(every fictional world) exist because of humans from our world(the world of origin). The souls of the world of origin are made from the true Creator's Light which holds all these world's in balance and keeps them existing. But the Apocalypse has already finishes in the world of origin so these world's are collapsing so beings that came into being from the void begged the true creator for mercy and atleast one soul made from the true Creator's Light. In pity the True Creator reincarnated Samael. But Samael will not remember the encounter, nor will he his name(though he will everything else in his past life but he will have the mentality of a Archangel so expect him to act like one), he will have a instinctual feeling of believing that he must not die no matter the cost which he will believe is a instinctual feeling because of him being the Demiurge. So the one who is the vessel of the Dunamis Demiurgos. God's power which will flood all creation if the vessel breaks aka if he dies. Michael will be loyal to the Presence because he has the mentality of an Archangel and I see myself If I reincarnated as Michael also be loyal to The Presence And not rebel. (More about Michael's thoughts will be explained while reading the fic) There will be differences in this fic compared to the show. The Mother of Creation doesn't exist in this one. Amenadiel isn't the oldest. Michael is. He and Lucifer are twins then came Gabriel an instant later. But Michael came into being an instant before Samael(Lucifer) Michael will be merciful and kind but if one dares to defy the presence then he will descend like a furious fierce lion and rip the blasphemous sinner apart be it angel or another sentient being. Michael will not like the pagan deities because his father is the Creator and he sees these inferior beings dare to claim to be God's and above him so expect hateful comments for them. So if you don't like that please be warned. (Though I will not focus too much on this part) Also I will not be focusing on the DC universe superheroes theme. Because well...It is pretty confusing. With crisis on earth storyline and all the other shenanigans... So I will mostly be focused on Vertigo and TV show stuff but there will probably be times where Michael will interact with other beings such as the New God's or Superman and Batman etc. This fanfic will also most likely contain my own headcanon along with changes in some beings personalities because of Michael being one of the first beings and helping in their creation alongside Samael and Gabriel. Also guys I know a good bit about Vertigo but I don't know everything so feel free to correct me on things I get wrong. (I claim no rights on any of the pre-existing characters in this fanfic. Michael Demiurgos, Lucifer Samael Morningstar and many other characters in this fanfic belong to DC/Vertigo Comics)

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Love this story. Hope it is geared more towards lucifer tv show and dc shows not comics since I don't know anything about comics. Still good beginning .


I'm not even going to use flowery words on this review. This is hands down story wise one of the best novels I've read on this site in a long while. Read it... it's a really good read!!!


All I can say about this book is that it is one of the very best I have ever read! It shows how the DC universe came to being following the very first race to exist, ArchAngels and angels. Thanks so much author even though I am only in chapter seven, I am sure this fanfic will prosper and gain many many fans because this concept is very new. Do not drop, please even though you might run into writer's block.


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just pls don't drop this and also keep the chapters coming................ ............................................................................


welp i realised i never made a review even though this is the best DC fan fic i read and the writing is good, the relationships micahel has with other characters feels real and not fake, the author is interactive and takes opinions from readers well all in all its great, thanks for the masterpiece Samael (the author not lucifer :P)


Some noice heavenly family story. Don't feel the action and darkness from DC yet, but there is some sorrow and stuff. Difficult to see what will happen next tho (except for the police arc of course, seems obvious), hope the action isn't over yet


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This is amazing. The idea is.... There are no words to describe. I've read fanfics with Samael/Lucifer as the MC but never one with Michael as the MC. And it's fantastic to read.






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The is great and I really have no issues with it other than that it doesn't update every hour. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Story is perfect i only have one problem on the chapters that he asks us questions shiuld be deleted and instead put inside tha athours notes


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A Plus for me, Finally a dc fanfic with a good mcA Plus for me, Finally a dc fanfic with a good mcA Plus for me, Finally a dc fanfic with a good mcA Plus for me, Finally a dc fanfic with a good mcA Plus for me, Finally a dc fanfic with a good mcA Plus for me, Finally a dc fanfic with a good mcA Plus for me, Finally a dc fanfic with a good mc


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