Reincarnated as Hades Lord of the Underworld Book

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Reincarnated as Hades Lord of the Underworld


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Hello, this is going to be a little project of mine to do in my free time. I shall give you some little warnings before we start anything, the MC will be OP hades with wishes. A key thing is the Mc will be Asexual meaning no romantic or sexual attachment will be formed. Another key thing is Hades (the MC) will still have Demi-Gods, just instead of being involved with a mortal, he will bless unborn children. -----I don't own Percy Jackson----- A Professor in Greek myths is so passionate it leads to his demise. A Chaos the lord of a large sector of the multiverse finds a missing space in one of his universes where Hades should have been, so he finds this passionate professor and grants him 3 wishes if he does him the favour of filling the empty place Hades left.


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