I woke up from my unconscious state and sat on my hips in the middle of the debris.

I sorted my thoughts and memories, thanks to my "Infinite Intelligence" which came with such amazing perks.

The floating screen didn't mention any description of this. This skill had many advantages:-

1. Eidetic Memory(Active Skill)

2. Instant Comprehension

3. Parallel Memory

4. Impossible to penetrate my mind using telepathy or any psychic powers.

5. Easy to organize information in the brain.

6. Telekinesis(But have to train)

These were already overpowered, but this was not the reason for my excitement.

I was excited because I was reincarnated in MCU, and the most fabulous fact was that I transmigrated into the body of Wade Winston Wilson aka Deadpool.

The timeline was just after the blast in the laboratory where Francis Freeman, aka Ajax, had tortured him to unlock his X-genes, to cure his cancer.

I was butt naked so I searched my surrounding for a piece of clothes to cover my body.

The transformation due to my Cosmic Physique was outstanding. Not only did it cure my cancer permanently but also got rid of the disfigured skin.

I covered my body with a tattered hospital bed sheet and made up my mind to visit Vanessa Carlysle aka Deadpool's girlfriend but now my girlfriend.

Wade ignored her to find a cure for his illness. He cared more for her than himself. He was worried about what would happen to her after his death. That's why he took the offer of Agent Smith without thinking much.

I made my way outside the ruble to find out that the laboratory was located inside a forest on the outskirts of New York.

I didn't know where I was but was sure that it must be the New York as I had seen in the movie.

I made my way into the forest, I had Cooking skills which gave me knowledge about different plants and many things related to plants could be used for the direction of the sun.

It was morning, I had a very strong sense of direction and was able to find the highway by evening.

I was about to move when a small white baby wolf caught my attention with its whimpering. It was seriously injured and was on the verge of death due to excessive bleeding.

I was about to ignore it but suddenly I remembered that I had left without saying anything to Venessa, she would be extremely mad at me.

She thought that Wade died in the movie but continued living in their apartment. Rather than returning to prostitution, however, she became a waitress at a strip club.

I thought that a cute baby wolf would somewhat appease her anger. I made my way toward the wolf and picked it up.

It whimpered in pain, I ignored it and put my hand on it, and activated my Healing power.

The wound closed up in an instant. The Wolf started licking my hand which made me smile. I patted its head and strode toward the highway while holding it in my hand.

Asking for a ride was very tiring as no one would give a lift to a half-naked man standing at the side of a deserted highway at the time of evening.

Luckily a good truck driver gave me a lift. I told him that my clothes and bike were stolen by a group of thieves when I stopped to give one of them a lift. They pre-planned it and only left me with this tattered bedsheet.

He pitied me through his eyes and gave me some old clothes of his. I thanked him and tried to give him my address as I didn't have a mobile phone, to collect the clothes but he laughed and refused.

He also asked about the wolf, I just told him that I found him near the forest and decided to give it to my fiance.

He smiled and continued driving.

I arrived in New York at around 10:00 pm and strode off after thanking Abraham, the truck driver.

I walked on the streets as I didn't have the money for a taxi. I refused Abraham's money as I wanted to see the beauty of New York City at night.

I was from Asia in my previous life and had only seen it in movies.

The streets were decorated as it was the month of Christmas. The nights were colder but it didn't affect me.

I could see various eyes looking at me but I ignored them while thinking that it was due to the white wolf in my hand.

It took me 5 hours to reach in front of my and Vanessa's apartment, I was late due to enjoying my first roadside walk in the middle of the night.

I climbed the stairs and knocked on the door after being in a dilemma for about 15 minutes.

I was afraid about Vanessa's reaction when she see me after just abandoning her. I knew she cried a lot as was mentioned in the movie.

The door opened and I saw Vanessa and she saw me, we both froze and just stood there looking at each other's faces. The situation was awkward as she was not giving any reaction.

"Hello Ven, it seemed you waited for long but you see I was late due to this white wolf who was whimpering to be adopted. I thought it would be a great gift for you as you love animals". I said cheekily and waited for her response.

I waited but the moment I was about to say anything she snatched the wolf and gave a tight slap on my face and closed the door in front of my face.

I didn't feel pain due to the absence of pain Receptors in my body. I stood there in a daze while holding my cheek with my hands and thinking about what just happened in a mere second.

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