Reincarnated as an Indian Movie's Extra Book

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Reincarnated as an Indian Movie's Extra


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What would you do when you turn into a Non prominent Side character of a movie? #ReincarnatedintoanIndianMovie Shriya turned into such a character named Sia. Background dancers appear out of no where. They disappear just the way they have appeared, once the song ends? Hero gets a melodious voice while singing? Hero sends people flying into the sky even with a missed punch? what? Why is heroine's hair fluttering even when there's no breeze? Why is she the only one glowing? What's with this crazy world? Is this for real?? Soon, she starts enjoying the happenings around her. She has a lousy and adaptive character which makes her an interesting one. In the movie, She had pitied the heroine's fiance, Aditya, the villain cum second male lead who commited suicide when hero defeated him in a climax fight. Infront of his eyes, his fiance gets taken away by some other guy. Poor guy, All he did was love his fiance wholeheartedly and work hard for his future happy married life. Yet he couldn't win her over. What will Sia do now that she has entered the movie? Will she sit back and enjoy her new life in the movie world? or Help the second male lead ? This is a happy-go-lucky light hearted short novel. Thank-you and Hope you enjoy it. Have a great time! Take care!


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