35 Vision

Over a kilometers away from the village, Hyesi was doing his best to dig a large hole on the ground. He had already gathered a lot of giant stones from near the beach and was ready to build Ning a home.

Ning, however, was still unsure how long it would take for him to use it. However, since he was starting to get 5 million energy every day now, so it was going to get faster for sure.

'Will I get ostracized from the village when they see my white skin?' he was worried. He didn't really want to change what he looked like, but it seemed he would have to.

'Hey, System. Can I remove something later on if I wanted to?' he asked.

<Anything is possible with the shop>

That gave him some relief. 'But I don't even know if they will accept me. They don't seem like they are used to visitors. So it might be a bad idea to just introduce myself to them.'

Hyesi continued building a house for Ning. Ning wanted to live in this house for a while before going to the village. Or maybe even never going there. He might instead directly leave the island and go to the main continent. At least that was what he had thought at the moment.

By nightfall, Hyesi completed the house. The stone house wasn't anything fancy. It wasn't even as good as an igloo. But, Ning thought it was okay for what it was supposed to do.

"Let's go back. We will return tomorrow to hide it with dried leaves and stuff," Ning said.

"Okay, Inikaka," Hyesi complied with his orders.

It was dark the way back, and Ning could see nothing. But Hyesi could and Ning was jealous about that. 'Should I buy night vision?' he wondered.

'Uhh… it should come to be of help, right?' he deliberated. 'Whatever, it's not like I won't have time to do other things. I can live forever, making some investments now would be a good choice.'

'Hey, System. How much does Night vision cost?' he asked. 'Actually, on that note. I need to increase my vision clarity as well.'

<There are 3 levels of Night Vision>

<Night Vision I : 500,000 Energy>

<Night Vision II: 5,000,000 Energy>

<Night Vision III: 50,000,000 Energy>

'Huh, 3? What is the difference between them?' he asked.

<Night Vision I is Infra-Red vision. It shows the images in gray>

<Night Vision II amplifies normal night light to give as close to day-like vision as possible>

<Night Vision III shows you vision even in places with no light>

'Oh wow. Night Vision III is kind of amazing. I should get that sometime,' he thought.

'Alright, buy Night vision I and show me the distances I can buy for my vision.'


<Congratulations, You have obtained Night Vision I>

<You can buy focus distance of your vision for 200,000 Energy per meter>

'That's 5 meters per million right? Hmm… since I have over 5 million, maybe… no. Give me 3 million worth of extra focus distance.'


<Your vision range has been increased by 15 meters>

Ning decided to look outside. 'Woah', suddenly he could see in the dark. It looked gray like those movies he saw on the TV. He could also see much further with clarity.

'Finally, I can see more than 10 meters ahead of me clearly.'

Ning checked how much energy he had left now. 'Status'


Name: Ning Ruogong

Energy: 2,347,948

Skills: Simultaneous Thinking, Basic Map, Beginner's Klavis Language, Candle Fire, Yin to Heat conversion technique, Night Vision I]

'Hmm… I still have quite a bit of energy left. I wonder what I should get.'

While he was thinking, Hyesi suddenly spoke, "Oh, they must be cooking fish again. Let's hurry up, Inikaka." He said.

"Hmm…" Ning tried to look in the direction of the village's center, but it was hidden amongst the trees and the buildings. "How can you tell they are cooking a fish? You shouldn't be able to see the center of the village from here," he asked.

"Of course it's because I smelled the fish, Inikaka," Hyesi said nonchalantly.

'Smell? Oh, God!! That's right, smell. System, why didn't you give me the smell sense yet?' he asked.

<Hosts have never had requirements for olfactory senses which were provided with the human bodies most of them created>

<You can buy the sense, but the system suggests you just wait for the body>

'Uhh… I guess that is true. I should be able to get my body in 20 or so days.'

Hyesi was already given some of the fish and was eating it. "Do you like eating fish?" Ning asked in a whisper after seeing him hungrily munching on the fish.

"Like? Not really. Although I don't dislike it either. It's just food," Hyesi said.

"Then why are you gobbling it down so fast," Ning chuckled a little as he asked.

"Oh, that is cause I was hungry. I haven't eaten in a few days, you know," Hyesi said with a smile as he finished the fish.

"You guys get hungry? Then why don't you eat every day?" Ning asked.

"What are you saying, Inikaka? Of course, we get hungry. But, we don't have anything to eat," he said.

"What about the fish in the storage room?" Ning asked.

"Oh, those are our stocks for when the cold days come. You don't show up for many days during the cold days and we don't get to cultivate. So we need to sustain ourselves with food in shorter intervals," Hyesi said.

'Oh, so they don't have much to eat because they prepare for winter huh. No wonder they have the fish encased in salt in the storeroom. But…' Ning wondered.

"Hey, Hyesi. Why don't you guys just get more fish then? You are near the ocean. You can get one whenever you want right?" he asked.

"We cannot, Inikaka. Due to that damned demon, Fufuliki, all the fishes in the area have run away. We rarely get any fish due to him," Hyesi replied as he gritted his teeth.

'I see… I wonder if I can do something to help them.'

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