16 Parasite

Freya immediately reacted and put her sword in between herself and the monster's fangs. Blocking it, she was sent back a few steps. The monster once more ran back. Freya didn't let it do that this time.

She used a weird technique to speed up herself and followed the monster. Suddenly, she brought two of her fingers together and they started to light up with yellow light. She then swiped along the shaft of her sword and turned the whole sword yellow.

She then targeted the monster and simply thrust her sword forward. A massive yellow energy shot out of her sword and flew at the monster. The monster however was quick to react and managed to dodge most of the attacks. The energy ended up hitting a clump of snow in the back and sending them flying in the air.

The monster took this opportunity to disappear once more. Freya got nervous and apprehensive. She started turning around, looking over her shoulders to see if she could spot the monster. She was further into the forest and the many trees helped camouflage the deer-like monster.

Suddenly, she spotted it moving through the corner of her eyes. She swung her sword right as it was coming and managed to cut open a large wound on its neck down to its chest. The monster, however, didn't stop and swung its paws right at the hand that was holding the sword.

Freya ended up losing her sword as it flew away from her hand.

Both of the Nings who were currently watching were shocked.

'No! She is going to die at this rate. She is already so wounded.' Ning A said with a bit of tremble in his voice.

Ning B just stayed quiet but he was also very worried about her at the moment.

'Isn't there anything else we can do?' Ning A started shouting.

'No. The most we can do is make another sound. But I don't think that is going to help anymore.' Ning B said with a saddened voice.

Neither of the Nings wanted to see the girl they were with for so long, dead. Maybe it was their amplified emotions that made them feel that way, or they were just being normal human beings that didn't want another human being to die. Either way, they wanted Freya to come out of this battle alive.

However, the prospects of that were looking grimmer by the moment. Fortunately, the monster was also wounded heavily now, so it was also taking really heavy breaths and its blood was dripping all over the snow, making the already red color darken by another shade.

The monster went for a final lunge at Freya who no longer had a weapon with her. In a moment of desperation, Freya took the sheath she had with her and used it as a sword. She used it to pierce right through the open wound on its neck right into the monster's wound.

The monster made a loud painful noise. Its right lungs were heavily damaged and it was huffing like a dog that was very hot. The ice puppets also happened to be done with the other monsters and were coming this way.

The monster, with its limited intelligence, saw that it was outnumbered and would die now, so it immediately turned around and ran away. It ran away with both of the Nings stuck to its chest.

'No, Where are you going you bastard? Just die.' Ning A shouted.

'Thank god she is safe,' Ning B said with a massive sigh of relief.

The monster ran a kilometer or two away and finally stopped as all the blood and oxygen loss caught up to its head. It slowly started getting drowsy and lost its consciousness, leaving its body to slowly die in the cold snow.

The Nings had turned off their notifications already, but they could still tell that they were receiving a lot of heat energy just by the hot blood around them. However, it was slowly getting colder and colder by the moment.


Suddenly, a sonic boom appeared from above them as they saw the flying tiger running away at a very fast speed. A group of men appeared near but didn't follow any more. They seemed to have lost one more person even after that one man that had exploded into bits.

'Did that tiger lose? Did those cultivators win?' Ning A wondered.

'Has to be right. I don't see why else it would leave if it did not lose.' Ning B answered.

'Why were these monsters even here to attack? Did that tiger organize all of this? Are all of these animals intelligent by some chance?' Ning A wondered.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps started appearing from nearby. Both Nings immediately looked in the direction of the sound and saw that a pack of wolves had appeared.

And they were greedily eying the dead monster in front of them.

'Wait, if they eat the monster and leave us here, we will never be able to leave.' Ning A said.

'Oh no, can we switch bodies with anything here?' Ning B said.

' I don't think so. It's only snow around here. Nothing else to switch our body with.' Ning A said.

The pack of wolves looked really hungry and came forward to eat at the monster. At first, they slowly nudged the monster to see if it was moving at all. After realizing that it was indeed dead by now, they started munching at it.

Bite after bite, they slowly tore away at the flesh of the monster and within minutes nothing but bones was left. Both of the Nings started to panic as to what they would do now that they no longer had someone to carry the sheath around, or any other object to switch bodies with.

After the hearty meal, one of the wolves started to howl in a loud voice. The rest of the wolves followed its lead and also howled loudly. The sound was loud enough to make both of the Nings dizzy. But, even through such a loud sound, they clearly heard the notification that popped up next.

<Congratulation. You have unlocked Parasite ability>

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