37 Inquiring About the Next Island

Ning looked in the direction Hyesi was pointing at, but all he could see were the tall palm and coconut trees. There was nothing else visible from his location, not even the ocean.

"You are saying there is an island in that direction?" he asked once more to be sure.

"Yes, Inikaka. There is an island in that direction that takes a short time to get there," Hyesi replied.

"And you are saying there are big leaves there. Are the plants there different from these?" he asked.

"Yes, very different. The trees there are thick and strong, there are also small trees that grow in a bunch, and weirdest of all Inikaka, there are even small trees that grow just a little bit off the land. Walking on those feels so much better than the sand. I used to go there all the time with the chief and others," Hyesi started reminiscing of the old days.

'Small trees? Is he talking about grasses and bushes?' Ning thought. 'If that is so, then there should be possibilities of food there.'

"Why did you guys go there?" he asked.

"We? We went there to get the giant leaves for the houses, or the strong wood for spear shaft, or small, strong rocks for spearheads. Sometimes, we went there to even kill some animals for their meat." Hyesi's mouth nearly watered when he said meat.

'Sounds like the vegetation there is much better than here. There is even wildlife there.' Ning decided to continue asking more questions.

"And you guys don't go there anymore? Why?" he asked.

"Inikaka, as I said, the demon, Fufuliki won't let us go even near the ocean. So, for the last 2 years, we have been unable to go anywhere." Hyesi started to feel sad.

"Hmm…" Ning thought for a second and asked another question. "If there really was meat there and sticks and leaves there, why don't you guys stay there? Why stay on this island where even water is hard to get."

"But, Inikaka. The trees there are so big that it is impossible to see you until it's very late. So, we can't cultivate at all. And if we can't cultivate, we will die to even the fishes." Hyesi's words had truth in them.

'I see. That makes sense. I wonder how the other island is like. I should go visit it,' he thought. He was really intrigued by the description of the island and wanted to see it.

'I should actually wait until I have a little more energy. I will then teleport there to see if there is anything in there that can help me find some food for these poor people. That should be a good alternative until I can get strong enough to defeat whatever that demon is.'

Hyesi completed covering the stone home with different dried leaves. It didn't look very good, but it was workable and Ning accepted it.

During the next dozen or so days, Ning helped Hyesi cultivate, and gain energy for himself. Hyesi's progress during these times had been incredible. Even Ning himself was surprised just how much devouring the Yin and letting a yang free and yin free body cultivate the Sun god's Morning Cleansing technique helped a weak person.

The increase in strength was at least 50 times faster than the last few times. In just about 25 days of him being here, he had helped Hyesi get as strong as 3 years' worth of progress.

However, the one that got stronger than him, was his mother, Belini. Although her progress wasn't as good as Hyesi's, she still progressed by a year or so worth of cultivation. The already strong mother had gotten even stronger.

Thinking that now Hyesi was strong enough to not be called one, Ning decided to visit the new island he was so desperate to go to. He looked at his status one last time before going to the next island.



Name: Ning Ruogong

Energy: 71,394,458

Skills: Simultaneous Thinking, Basic Map, Intermediate Klavis Language, Candle Fire, Yin to Heat conversion technique, Night Vision I]

'Damn, I'm so close to getting a body,' he thought. 'But, even if I do get a body, I will still have to earn more points to make that body any usable at this state. And I would probably also need food to eat to maintain that body.' He thought of all the requirements for maintaining a healthy body.

'Hey, system. If I get a new body, and I need to switch it later, does that body die or can I use it again?' he asked.

<If you leave the body and don't return, the body will go on to rot like every dead body>

'Sh*t! That's pretty bad. Still, if I want to visit the world like a regular person, I will need a body. Uhh… never mind, I will think about it when the time comes. For now, I will need to go to that island.'

He took Hyesi to the home he had built and asked him to put a small stone on the ground. Ning was planning to use this stone as a source for the teleport.

The inside of the house was nice with dried leaves laid down on the ground and had a very clean look to it. Ning had already laid down in the middle of the room in the small stone.

He then spoke, "Hyesi, I will be leaving for a short time. I do not know how long it will take, but I will return. Come back here every day to check if I am back or not."

"I understand, Inikaka. I will do as you say every day." Hyesi bowed with his head on the ground.

"Alright then. I am leaving now. When I come back, I will help you personally fight the demon-like you always wanted to."

Hyesi got unusually emotional after hearing this and started nodding furiously.

"Alright then, I'm off."

'System, teleport.'


The stone vanished from in front of Hyesi.

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