12 Freya

Ning looked at the surrounding buildings as he was brought along by the young girl in her sword. Snowflakes fell all around him, yet they never actually touched him. It was almost like the girl had an umbrella with her, blocking away all the snow.

The scenery quickly shifted as they left tall buildings and moved on to places where there were nothing but small huts. Ning looked to the distance towards where he just came from and saw the gigantic wall that blocked them from the forest in the north.

'So the big buildings are near the wall, while the smaller ones are far away from it. Is it because stronger cultivators live there and would be readily available to fight in case an animal comes through?' he wondered.

Ning then turned his vision towards the tall trees scattered across this little… 'Is this a village?' he wondered. At first, he had thought it was a big city after seeing the large buildings, but moving away from the buildings there were nothing but small huts and cottages. He couldn't tell if it was a city or a village anymore.

Although what it was called didn't matter. He looked to the sky to tell the time, but couldn't since it was very cloudy and couldn't tell where the sun was.

'Hey, system. Do you know what time it is?' he asked.

<It is currently 4 in the afternoon>

'Oh, then it must be getting dark soon.' The girl took him to an open spot with giant posts stuck on the ground across the field. She took out her new sword and smiled as she reveled in its brilliance. Ning could see the blue light reflected from her sword shine in her eyes.

She prepared herself and thrust the sword directly into the post.


<You have gained 530 energy>

While the points he gained weren't a lot, by comparison, he was still surprised he managed to get so many points from a simple attack to the wood. The girl hit the wood a couple more times and even used an ability from the looks of it.

Satisfied with herself, she kept the sword back into its sheath. Ning could feel the heat coming off of the blade after striking the post with so much energy.

<You have gained 760 energy>

<You have gained 594 energy>

'Shut that off, system' he said knowing it would appear for a while.


The girl decided to return back toward the village. Along the way, people would see her and greet her. While Ning didn't really understand what they were saying, he did hear one word being repeated over and over. It was Freya.

'Is that her name?' he wondered. Seeing how she reacted to the word 'Freya', he was pretty confident it was indeed her name.

Freya walked back to a small hut, which admittedly looked better than most of the huts around her village. 'Does she have a special status in the village or something?' he couldn't help but wonder.

The inside was simple. There was a bed along a wall with a small carpet on the floor. There was only one window with pink curtains on it. And aside from a small closet, Ning couldn't see any other furniture in there.

'Do they not have a TV? Is this world primitive by any chance? Can't be right? They have flown people fighting monsters. They should be able to build TV and radio.' Ning couldn't imagine living in a world without TV. He remembered having so much fun watching the TV in the orphanage. If he couldn't have that once more, what was he going to do?

'Maybe I should get enough energy to return back to earth, huh.' He started making ideas but quickly forgot about it as he saw the young lady start to undress her robe.

'Wait! No. I'm still here.' He started freaking out a little but was immediately disappointed as he saw the lady just open her sash and sit on her bed with her two legs crossed and on top of each other.

'What is she doing? It looks so uncomfortable.' He watched as her breathing started getting slower and slower to a point where it was barely noticeable.

'Is she asleep?' just as he wondered that her clothes and hair started moving a little as if they were blown by air. He looked towards the door, but it was shut, and so was the window.

'Where is the air coming from?' he wondered. Suddenly, even light started shining from around her. It was in a very minute amount, but in the closed-off room, It was visible.

'Hey, system. What is she doing?' he asked. He was wondering if this was some sort of technique used by a cultivator.

<The girl is cultivating>

'Cultivating? Is she trying to become stronger than before? What are the lights around her?' he asked.

<The lights are Qi>

'Qi? The energy only available in Kumia and a few other planets right? Can I absorb Qi too?' he asked.

<Please unlock the shop>

'Oh, that means I can. Thanks for finally answering, system.' He watched as the girl steadily cultivate, whatever that was. After a while, he got bored.

He looked at his status.


Energy: 796,000

Task: Collect 204,000 more energy

Reward: You gain Parallel Thinking



'How do I gain so much energy in this climate? I guess I will have to stick with sound energy for now. Hopefully, the girl takes me out a lot.'

He waited for a bit longer but there was nothing happening. There wasn't even a single sound to give him a notification. 'Oh god, watching this is so boring. I wish she had a tv she could turn on right now. I want to watch some cartoons right now.'

'Hey, system. I'm going to sleep. Wake me up when the sun comes up in the sky again.' He said.

<Confirmed> he slowly felt himself getting drowsy and losing consciousness.

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