Reincarnated as a snake?

A typical reincarnation story about a dude who got reincarnated into a fantasy world as a snake inside a dungeon... but with some twists! So follow the tiny snake on his journey through the lands to become a bigger snake. --- Only writing it for fun and to pass some time. Chapters will be around 1500-2000 words long. Oh, and English is not my first language, but should be readable. The cover is not mine...

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The Snake That Was Chosen

AN: The new Volume is coming out strong with an... info dump :)


[Integrating 1 [Greater Fire Spirit Core] Succesfull!]

[Checking for compatible skills...]

[Checking for compatible skills...]

[Checking for compatible skills...]

[Checking for compatible skills...]

[Checking for compatible skills...]

[Checking for compatible skills...]

[Compatible skills found!]


[Due to Serpent essence, the sap of the world tree, and God's ichor, skills may cause side effects!]

[The host can choose up to 4 of the following skills:

• Spirit Sight

• Greater Spirit Fire

• Summon Spirit: Incendiary serpents

• Return to ash, grow anew

• Enhanced Greater Fire Resistance

• Rift

• Mayor Fire Regeneration

• Burning Star Shine

• Scorching Forrest

• Magnum opus of fire

• Sol's Blessing *wink wink*

• Spirit Queens Wrath

• Spirit Queen's Husband

• Spirit Queen's jealousy

• Spirit Queen's greed

• Spirit Queen's loyalty

• Spirit Kings Might

• Spirit Kings Blight

• Ballad of Fire and Poison

• Minor Thaumaturgy

• Child of Spirit[!!!!!!!! >:( ]

• Spirit Memorial

• Life Sap

• Natural Regeneration

• Wooden Spirit Pupetiering

• Wings of Sol *wink wink*

• Essence of Fire

• Blinking spirit flames]

"What the hell is this... is the system broken?" asked Raas as he saw the list of skills. The notifications blocked his whole field of vision. His system was kind of strange from the beginning, but he felt like it was somehow changing, or different from others. The normally blue display was slightly red and gold on the edge.

Lopptos looked at him with eagerness. "What do you mean, what skills can you choose from, and how many?"

"I can choose 4 of the... 28 skills, but some are weird."

The librarian clutched his heart nearly having a heart attack after hearing Raas.

"This... This is beyond what I imagined. What in the world did his majesty do with the integration enhancer?! This rivals a "normal" tier 6 body enhancement. This must have cost a fortune!!"

After taking a few deep breaths he calmed down, or so much that he could think normally. 

Rubbing the bridge of his nose he thought for a moment. "Never mind that now tell me the list of options. Maybe I can shed some light on it."

"Roger that," said Raas, but Lopptos only gave him a confused look.

Raas ignored him and began to read the list.

After only 3 options, the elf took a nearby chair and sat down.

After finishing reading Lopptos was nearly passing out and foaming. Hearing so many "exotic" skills his mind nearly shut down.

"D- Do... Do you know what this means! I think I have lost my mind!" He touched his body in panic, "I think I just lost 30 years of my life from that!"

As the elf began mumbling Raas stared at him thinking, 'Is this a good sign? Am I getting more op? Pay to Win is surely fun!' His tongue flicked excitedly as he thought about the skills he would choose.

After 5 minutes of rambling Lopptos finally calmed himself, again.

"So let's begin... first of all don't choose any of the Spirit Queen skills, and [Child of Spirit]. And if you want to specialize as a Fortress Destroyer, I would rule out [Summon Spirit: Incendiary serpents], [Ballad of Fire and Poison], [Spirit Memorial], and [Life Sap], as they are more support-type skills."

"Hmm that I understand, but why are Spirit Queen skills ruled out and [Child of Spirit]?"

"Because that will break, or rather diminish your bond to the God that summoned you here. And from what you told me the one overseeing you has some leeway in interacting with your system. Normally those skills would be very favorable, but as an Acutra it would only muddy your bonds, and create more headache than it is worth."


"Wait you don't know that?" The elf exclaimed befuddled.

"Please Explain!"

"Well, when Acutras are reborn into this world they are overseen by a god or goddess. And they instinctively know which one governs over them. They also remember their talks with them when their souls were pulled through the dimensions. Some remember more some only tidbits. But overall they try to pass as much information and skills to their chosen ones as their growth and fame will somehow empower them. Or so the theorists say. It is just a hypothesis on why the gods and goddesses pull Acutras here, but most believe in it."

Raas rubbed his chin with his tail and thought hard if he remembered anything when he woke up in this world. And after a solid minute, he frowned. "But, I don't remember anything. And my instincts aren't working or something as I have no clue which god or goddess is governing me! Does that mean I was being watched all that time?!"

With a gasp Raas whispered, "No! It surely can't be. I will never live the embarrassment down if it caught me doing... no no no. But then it would also know that... NOOOOOO!"

The elf turned serious as he thought for a second. "Hmm, no I don't think so, a god or goddess may "watch over you", but its authority over you is obstructed, or at least restrained, or so the Wisemens of the east say."

"Oh is that so... Puh!" Raas was relieved. Having someone oh so powerful overseeing 24/7 will be quite a strain on his mentality, maybe even influencing his actions. But Raas didn't know that a certain someone was giggling at his antics. But for now, he enjoyed the ignorant bliss.

"And to the next point before you freaked out. Did you already figure out the boon that you received?"

Raas tapped his tail on his chin thinking, "No I don't think so. Maybe the [Grey Out] skill. But I haven't used it in a long time. should probably figure out how to manually activate it.

"Hmm I don't think that was a thing you received but rater a bonus from being a unique monster. However, the fact that you "spawned" as a unique monster could be a gift. But I must say, that is quite unusual, as most Acutra get early buffs from their patron gods. Some of the buffs are quite obvious and some are so subtle that they only realize them after decades. So maybe yours just didn't show its effect yet or it might be very subtle."

"Now that I think about it aren't you overly lucky? Maybe goddess Fortuna is overseeing your soul." But as he finished saying that a chill ran down his spine, as he froze for a second.

"Or maybe not ha ha ha hahaha." Said the elf awkwardly as he looked towards the sky. His eyes trembled as he nearly got a divine punishment for saying that. His skin cribbled.

"Anyway, your case is not documented, but Acutras were always a mystery even after decades of research. But let's skip that for now."

But Raas' mind was still stuck on that. He glanced at his status. 


Name: Raas

Species: Menacing bright youngling Serpent (Sun-Eater/Silent-???)

 'Those question marks... who is watching over me, and why are you hiding from me?'

"Now let me explain the skills to you."


After a long talk, Raas finally decided to choose...



[Host has choosen...]

[SKills successfully integrated!]

[The injected energy is changing your body, mutations are occurring!]

[Processing mutations...]

[Processing mutations...]

[Processing mutations...]

[Processing mutations...]

[Processing mutations...]

[Warning Mutations are too body-altering!]

[Forcefully shutting down mind and body in 3!]

"What!?" exclaimed Raas as the countdown began.


"Hey, Lopptos!" 

"What?" asked Lopptos somewhat worried seeing the giant snake agitated. 'Did something go wrong?'


"See you soon!" said Raas with a carefree smile.

"What do you mean?!" asked the librarian looking at Raas curling up. "Hey! Explain!"

[Sleep well, my dear chosen one]

'Oh? ...I will, whoever you are...'

Raas mind drifted off as he read the last system prompt in confusion as Lopptos sat there, also in confusion. Nevertheless, he was happy that someone was watching over him.


On a large open field where dozens of tents temporary houses and sheds were built stood 2 noblemen talking to each other.

"So you have been tasked with the siege on Loroto?" Asked an old man. But despite his disheveled appearance and missing eye, numerous scars prove his capabilities. He was the lead general, serving under Graf Lakus Greyborn, and the sole reason why the previous two main war cities of the elves got destroyed.

"Yes, my father stated that we will first destroy the two outposts Loroto and Leptus, before flanking their main war city Lutia." Said the young man to the general. The young adult may look thin and fragile, but he was still the firstborn son of the Graf. One of the most brilliant spellcasters and tacticians in the empire.

"I heard Graf Lakus Greyborn will personally capture their guardian." Spoke General Gallio as he took a swig from his gourd.

"Yes, my father will lead the main attack on Lutia, we will only serve as a distraction. But to think the Emporer would arrange such an army for us despite our own troops."

"It is quite an impressive sight." Agreed the general.

On the field, hundreds of thousands of men prepared for their march, and even more tamed beast bulked their numbers. It was the largest war preparation since the start of the Elven cleansings.

"But why now?" asked Javier as he frowned. The Emporer would have never allowed such a large army to only invade 2 "small" siege cities and 1 war city.

General Gallio stopped drinking and smacked his lips, "Hmmm, I heard rumors that the Emporers research center finally finished something big. The generals and chiefs are all talking about mitigating losses and that it will finally come to an end. "

"Do you know anything specific?"

"Sadly no, we can only wait if those rumours are true. But I can feel it in my bones, the tide of war will change, but in what direction I am not so certain..."

Javier, who was basically Gallio's student in all but name, frowned. "Are you drunk again? Stop sounding so mysterious all of a sudden."

The old general could only laugh as he continued drinking.

With a stern gaze, he looked into the distance, "But with so many men at the front the Graf's estate will be in trouble. The damn stick will surely capitalize on it."

Javier smiled and patted him on the shoulder, whispering, "Don't worry Father has connections to the Seekers. And I heard that the Hydra accepted."

Hearing the name Gallio frowned, "Why is that creep helping? How can the Graf leave his estate with that guy."

"You think he is the only one, of course, he hired some personnel adventurers. And have you heard the news? Mavis Mavulus has come to this continent. And if we can convince him maybe he will even help us captor the city guardian."

"No way, that ancient relic is on the move again? After sitting in his Academy he finally crawled back out. What in God's name does he want here?" Gallio was taking another swig and mumbled.

"You have met him before?"

"Hah, yes I have. When I was a young lad he came to the eastern continent, my hometown, and killed some tier 7 dragon there. Even asked for our special homemade honey from Sinzho Bees. Spouting something about a gift for his queen or something. A very strange and eccentric person. But not to be underestimated. There is a reason why the central continent is so "safe" and a big part of it is because of him."

Gallio continued to talk about the Star Mage as Javier ignored his rambling.



And with that, the year 2023 is over!

Happy New Year to all my readers, and thanks for sticking with this story whether you started from the beginning or only recently discovered this web novel.

Something that only started as a pastime writing during the Corona lockdown turned into a nearly 150.000 words long novel wasn't something that I would have imagined.

But I must still say, sorry for all the delays and slow uploads through the year... and hopefully, 2024 will be much more entertaining than the previous year!

See ya around, and happy birthday to me!

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