1 Chapter 1

How did it become like this? Said Liam who was staring down at a lake looking at himself.

Was it because he was shot to death by some thief who saw his bare face when he was robbing a local convenience store or was it when the thief got ran over by a police car just a second later when he try to escape as fast as possible?.

Liam sighs as he looked at his reflection. A head that wasn't human. No his body wasn't human and it doxesn't look one bit like one.

He had a tiger body but with two long teeth or should he say 'canine knives'. A tail he can't see but can feel it. Standing on four legs and having a tiger face.

'I became a sabertooth........ And to even have those cliche system from novels said Liam in his mind while lifting his head up to see a transparent panel.


Name: Liam

Gender: Female

Age: 1 Day

Species: baby Saber-Tooth Tiger (magical beasts)

Level: 1/10

HP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

Attack: 25

Defence: 10

Agility: 20

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Magic: 5

Titles: first of her kind, cave explorer

Skills: [Bite Level 1] [Scratch Level 1] [Cold Resistance Level 1] [Human Senses Level 1] [Regeneration Level 1] [Heat Resistance Level 1].

Special skills: [Fearlessness] [2 Wild Claw] [Roar]


'okey kinda understand but...WHY THE HELL AM I A FEMALE I'M A GUY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE'.

Sighs well I guess I should start my adventure in this new world I guess..