31 Skill test, physical training ( part 2)

Today I decided to wake up more earlier than I normally do and and to my surprise the sun was just coming up when i stood up, for your information one should know I am not a morning person so this is a new record


[System advise host to stop being lazy if host dose not want to end up in another monsters stomach.]

I ignored the system comment, because since my last evolution the system has become more talkative then every before,....I stood up from the floor then decided not to argue with the system before I lose,.... After looking around the cave, I started to head out, well because I was going to try out some of my skills today in order to get a better understanding on how to use them in various situations,.... now that I don't have the system help, I need to practice so not to die from not knowing how to use my skills properly,

Immediately when I left the cave I went to one side of the forest where I saw a big tree and jumped on the tree, then I started scouting the environment for danger, after checking and making sure the coast was clear and confirming that it was clear by the system map,...

I started to check the skill that interest me most,...






AGE = 9 days

GENDER= Female

SPECIES = nightmare rabbit

TITLE = El-Salvos , descendant of the ghoul neither King , serpent circle

rank = 3

Evolution's >|ringed rabbit, wolfin ring rabbit

LEVEL = 2/40 {exp= 1550/4000}- Evo =>Lv40

{HP = 1000/ 1000}, {MP = 1400/1500}, {SP = 400/700}

ST = 125

AG = 150

VT = 200

IN = 300

CM = 5

MT point {17350}

+storage 19/50+(level up card (6),invisibility card (1),(information card(6), heal card(4), force evolution card(2)

>{ skills active}<

[]spring[]=[]ring[]=[]claw[]=[]tail wipe[]=[]wolf kin(rear)[]=[]death gaze[]=[]life leech[]=[] shadow embodiment []=[] nightmare zone[]=[]?????[]=[]??????[]=[]fear gaze[]=[]ghostification[]=[] nightmare[]=[] torment whisper[]=[] illusion zone[]

>{skills passive}<

[]recover(E+)passive[]=[]super senses(E)passive[]=[]flexible body(E)passive[]=[] status display(A) passive[]=[] ?????[]=[]eye of horror[]=[]punishment chains[]


[]silver fangs and claws[]=[]black bone[]=[]dark life horn[]=[]ouroboros[]=[]star eye[]=[]punishment chains[]=[]nightmare tattoos[]

>{ Equipment }<



darkness( green leech magic( ancestral magic)...), Death (death magic ( ancient magic), nightmare (nightmare magic (forgotten magic)


QUEST >|stop the monster wave and find out what is the cause of the monster wave that is happening in the southern parts of the forest, plus making sure that host still has about 10% hp left. time of income wave 13 mint

REWARD >| 16000 XP, rewords=4000 MT points, 2 level up cards, invisibility card, star eye

FAILURE >I death buy being eating by monster of upcoming wave.]=(completed)

TEST >| (CAN YOU EVOVE, rewords=1000 MT points, 4 level up cards, system upgrade card, =Completed)

After taking a look at my status, and all my skills I decided to go with the skill that interest me the most which was ghostification, I mean I'm not expecting much,.... but at least I think it's a transformation skilI,...I think,..... wouldn't it be cool when I transform into a ghost in the middle of a battle,....I mean a cute rabbit ghost,.... in which no physical attack can touch me, I couldn't help but get very excited, but First I checked out the information from the system,...



Turn the host into a ghost like entity which has no physical body, host can not be restricted by any thing and can pass through thing as if one was a ghost .. certain magic especial light type gives double the damage on host


I was surprised and very happy by the skill description because my hunch was right,.....by this direction, i then immediately activated the skill, as I did this, I immediately turn into a gaseous transparent being like a spirit, I could see the world all black and white and for some reason the tree I was standing on, I started fading through it and fell to the ground,

And I was still sinking in to the ground, again I immediately panicked and hurried tried to jump back up, but for some reason it wasn't working, I could not apply Force to any part of my body, then I remembered that I was now a ghost so instead I used the force of my legs to push my body forward, just like pretending to kick the air and it immediately worked, I moved very slowly but I was able to get out from inside the ground and then landed on the forest floor,..... Well landed was just a stretch because my paws were floating inches away from the first floor,...

After that then I calmed down my mind and proceeded to walk(floating walking) as I call it into the forest, on my way I found out that this part of the forest had lots of large rocks and also some of the trees were covered in rock, just like ruck trees and they and were, scattered all over the place, And I think I just saw what look like a rock spider, it was a spider that was covered in rock, and if what I saw was not an illusion, then I assume that this part of the forest was populated with rock type monsters and by my calculations they should have very high defense,.... which now that I think about it will be extremely troublesome, if I were to hunt any of them, as I went deeper into the rock Forest, I spotted something jumping from tree to tree, and as I looked closely i can see what looks like a monkey but part of it body mostly it's hand and legs were rock like.

When i look at one of there faces closely you could see that they have Sharp rock like teeth which were also made of rocks, but it did not give them An ugly appearances, but instead a more wild like appearance, and I have to admit he looked extremely cool, just like he was wearing rock armour, I wonder if I will be able to do something like that in the future, I couldn't help but expect a lot from my future,...

Then I heard the notification from the system





GENDER= male

SPECIES = rock monkey

rank = 2

LEVEL = 15 {xp= 1468 /4000}

{HP = 200/ 200}, {MP = 100/150}, {SP = 40/360}

ST = 67

AG = 30

VT = 40

IN = 30

Cm= 1

When I look at their start, I became a little bit jealous, then ask myself, why was I born as a rabbit how comes I wasn't born as one of them,.... but then I saw their faces again I took back my statement,... Why you ask?,... because according to the system Information of their species each one of them are born a rank 2 Monster, now just imagine I was born a rank 2 monster like them and I still had my cheat skills, do you think I'll go through all those hardships and,... no!... I would have taken over this forest long ago,.... We all know that was a joke right, I like the way I am now, because I am small and I can easily escape if a big monster, is chasing me, and if you just consider there are big size, there is no way they can escape for my monster that uses an area attack,...


#rock monkey#

Rock monkey is a type of rock monster that stays in the rocky regions of the Aliner Forest it has very high defense and are born as rank 2 monster, they move in packs of of about 10-20

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