2 Chapter 1

When we got back to the cave. we started preparing to eat.

"Okay Bulbasaur and Squirtle get some dry grass and leaves. and Charmander get a fire ready we're cooking the Beedrills. and get some berries and sticks while you're at it too."

"""Yes boss"""

As they started doing their jobs I also started doing mine I dig a large hole just outside the cave we live in.

"Boss what's the large hole for?"

"Ah this. this is we're putting the bones of the Beedrills after we eat them. we've got no use for a bone anyway we can just bury the bones and plant some berries on top of it."

"So that's what the hole for."

after I finished digging the hole I checked my status.

[Name: Zeraora



Species:Thunderclap Pokemon

Ability:Volt Absorb


EXP:10,952-for next level







Moveset:Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Thunder Punch, Blaze Kick, Fire Punch(NEW!), Hyper Beam(NEW!), Hone Claws(NEW!), Scary Face(NEW!), Protect(NEW!)

Titles: BOSS.]

'Useful moves and a Title huh. oh I wish someone would tell me the use of this Title.'

[Boss: The Pokemon who swore absolute loyalty to you will be stronger. they can breakthrough the level cap of πŸ’―, can learn unlimited Moves, and they can use Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamax, and Gigantamax without a Trainer And you have no limits to how many pokemon. the only limit is your Bond with the Pokemon

Note: You should Evolve into second stage at level 100. they'll be stronger and larger than average]

Quite an OP Title. just what I need to travel the world I need to learn Human language first if I want to go outside the forest. I'll leave the forest in 10 years I need to train these three to be LVL πŸ’― and myself too I am the boss I need to get stronger too I can't be weaker than my minions so 1v1 for whilst I take a lot on.

"""Boss preparation are ready"""

While I was in a daze planning I snapped out of it when I heard them calling me. I started to cook the Beedrills. after I finished cooking them we eat.

""""Thanks for the food""""

"Yeah after this and burying the bones. we train."

"""Yes boss"""

Just after we were done eating we bury the bones into the hole I made. then we started to train our training is just three against one I'm training their teamwork. and I mentioned a thing I almost forgot.

"Yeah I almost forgot to mention don't Evolve. only evolve until I say so."

"Boss why won't we evolve wouldn't we be stronger when we evolve?"

"Yes but you will be stronger when you accumulate power in your first form then evolve that way you can be way stronger than average Pokemon. Got that."

""""Yes boss""""

"Boss it really surprised me how smart you are."

"Yeah Boss even we don't know you have that kind of way to get stronger."

"The Boss is the best he treats us good we will never betray the Boss Right guys."


"Hahahahah I know you won't betray me"

'Even if you do though I would know. because you'd get stuck at the level cap.'

{You have unlocked the Talent Feature.}

{You have earned the Talent Cooking Lv.1}

{You have earned the Talent Training Lv.1}

'I know about cooking I read a lot of novels I my past life so I know that. so give me an explanation of Training.'

[Training: You get experience points from training. and it also effects subordinates when they train they also learn moves more efficiently.]

now that's a really good Talent for me and these three. after our battle I told them

"Now you guys go and train by yourselves. Charmander keep using ember until you learn flamethrower, Squirtle you use your water gun until you learn hydro pump, and Bulbasaur you absorb light from the sun and try to learn solar beam. and before I forget we won't stop this training until you learn those moves. are we clear."

""""Yes boss""""

"Now begin your training. while I hunt some dinner."

they begin their training which didn't have to watch. and I go to the deeper part of the forest. surprisingly there's other pokemon deeper into the forest a Kangaskhan to which I call the child abuser Pokemon I mean who would bring a child to a Pokemon battle Kangaskhan that's who. now begining to wonder if a baby Kangaskhan can grow up I mean they are always in the pockets of their mother or father.

*cough* now I'm getting a little off topic here. I see some Venonat, Venomoth, Oddish, Scyther, and even a Rhyhorn. I thought Rhyhorn only lives in the safari zone.

'Well time to hunt some Beedrills or Venonats.'

then I start the hunt. 14 Beedrills in the North and 4 Venonats in the Northwest corner. I went to the Venonats first and they were talking about something that surprised me.

"Hey did you guys hear about a strong guy that appeared on the outer part of the forest?"

"No even if he's strong he's just from the outer part of the forest anyway. I bet he's weak here anyway."

"No way he's weak he beat 10 Beedrills alone

and 2 of those guys used to live here."

"Really!! then we're in trouble if he hunt's us."

"Oh yeah what's his kind anyway?"

"No one knows. the only we know is that he has white fur, blue skin, and some yellow fur on his Paws, Head, and Belly."

"We better be careful then."


so rumours about me has spread even to the deeper part of the forest. well gotta kill them quietly. and then I used Hone claws and use the fire from fire Punch to cover my claws.

[You created Unique move Flame Claw]

'what a nice timing.' and so I attacked the Venonats like an assassin. I took them one by one until there were none left. I took the corpses neatly and quietly leaving no trace behind.

{You have defeated a Level 34 Venonat you have earned 1,670 EXP}

{You have defeated a Level 33 Venonat you have earned 1,620 EXP}

{You have defeated a Level 36 Venonat you have earned 1,735 EXP}

{You have defeated a Level 34 Venonat you have earned 1,670 EXP}

'Huh In that battle I earned 6,695. no it wasn't a battle it's more like an assassination. I should get back.' when I back at the cave I see three fainted Pokemon.

'Must be tired from the training.' I thought then I noticed a scar on Charmander's back and when I look outside the cave I noticed that some trees were burnt and some have slashes there's trace's of battle then I connected the dots. 'They didn't faint from training they fainted from fighting Pokemon. must be those Beedrills they came for revenge. I'll get back at them later now I gotta find the nearest Pokemon center.'

[You have unlocked the mission feature]

[Mission generated

Rescue: Your subordinates were attacked by Beedrills who wanted revenge. get them to a Pokemon center before they reach a critical state.

Success:Reach a Pokemon center before they reach a critical state.

Failure:They reach critical state.

Reward: Charizardite X, Venusourite, Blastoisinite, Unlock Relationship Feature, and 70 Relationship with Nurse joy.]

I didn't care about the system notification as I threw away the Venonat corpses I've been carrying, carried the three Pokemon and rushed out of the forest carrying three injured Pokemon to find the Pokemon center.

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