4 Hero-Skill Transformation

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"Try it~ just focus~" Emily's voice was playful as she held Hina. The girls were both on their knees in bed, naked. Outside, the orange light of sunset streamed into the room, bathing them in amber light and heavy shadows. It was becoming a bit embarrassing, to be naked like this... but Hina could handle it well enough. "You can do this," Emily said, ever playful.

Hina closed her eyes, thinking about it... something inside her began to burn, and she groaned lowly as her chest began to tighten. She kept her eyes closed, afraid to look, but she knew her breasts were becoming heavier... her hips were filling out, going from just athletic to curvaceous as well. Eventually, her eyes fluttered open, and Hina saw that blue was bleeding into her skin, and her hair was growing longer. At the same time, her ears vanished, replaced by pointed ones at the sides of her head, and the hair receded into her tail as the appendage became long, black and dextrous.

"Good girl~" Emily purred as the transformation completed. "In theory, you have all your abilities, but now weaker versions of mine, too~" Emily was pushing Hina forward, onto her back, now. Two naked Devils lying in bed, and Emily was smirking as she guided her pet into a kiss. Already, Hina was getting used to it, this "pet" thing... it was shameful, really, how much the thought was turning her on.

"Awe, you're already ready~" Emily giggled as her tail slid easily into Hina, picking up where she passed out before. The badger-turned-Devil arched her back, moaning loudly and pushing closer.

"I don't remember telling you to fuck yourself~?" Hina breathed, trying to figure out how to use her new tail. Slowly, she managed to curl it up, but Emily shook her head, pinning Hina's wrists down and thrusting her own tail faster.

"It's just masturbation, isn't it~? Now, if you know how to use your new tail, you aren't allowed to use it on me~ you've got another hole to stretch, understand~?" Her tail thrusted faster still, and deeper, as Hina shook her head.

"That's~ no~" She could feel her toes curling downward as she gripped the sheets, her own body desperately begging for release as pleasure lanced through every inch of her body.

"Pets don't get to say no~" Emily smiled, one hand gently gripping, kneading Hina's breast. "You do as I say, and do it now~" Hina shook her head, but even as she did, she was curling her tail around, pressing it against her tighter hole.

"Please, Emily~"

"What, you want me to... change my mind~? Take it back?" She lowered her mouth, flicking tongue over Hina's nipple to tease her. The tail pressing against her ass was slick, for some reason... and suddenly, it easily slid in, thrusting as if all on its own. Being pounded in both ways possible down there, Hina's moans became practically a scream, and she bucked her hips up. Emily just smirked and leaned down, guiding Hina's nipple between her lips and slowly scraping it with her teeth, hand kneading harder. With a choked gasp, Hina squeezed her eyes shut, climaxing forcefully.

"You look like me, but you're still just a drippy sub~ you even lubed the tail without instructions~" She giggled, taking care of her pet. "Does anything feel strange, to you~?" Hina tried to focus, but her head was swimming as her body was tightening. Then she realized; her tail felt good, too. It was throbbing and pulsing like a...

"N-No~! Emily, this is too m-much...!"

"You aren't allowed to stop thrusting," she answered, thrusting her own tail faster.

"Emily p-please!" She arched up, seconds away from climaxing a second time, this time in more ways than one.

"No~" Emily pulled Hina into a kiss, pushing her tongue into her pet's mouth. First, Hina's tail came, and the bottom moaned heatedly as something hot, thick, and vaguely similar to cum poured into her. Second, the heat pushed her over the edge, and she came over Emily's tail times two, wriggling heatedly and trying to break the kiss to moan. Emily held her there tightly, though, as her own tail came, and she moaned as it did, pressing their bodies closer together. A moment later, she broke the kiss on her own.

"Hina~ your body is more fun~ but damn if this~ doesn't feel good~" For a moment, the two Devils writhed together, until at last their tails slowed, and slowly pulled out.

"It's funny," Emily purred lowly. "How you thought you'd use your tail on me..." Hina, who currently looked exactly the same as Emily, pouted.

"I just wanted you to feel good too, Em, that's all."

"Ah, but didn't your tail feel good, when it came?" Emily giggled. "I felt plenty good, in a way that not every species can... most Devil's tails can't cum like that, but one of the Succupixies around here tried to play a prank on me and it ended with my tail... gaining a new ability, as lame as that sounds," she finished.

"Succupixie?" Curiosity piqued, Hina forgot, for a moment, that she was a sweaty Devil at the moment. As Emily answered, her fingers combed through the not-a-badger-girl's hair slowly.

"They're this weird hybrid, happens when a fairy or pixie comes into contact with Hellfire. They've been around a long time... like perverted fairies, but they can make themselves human sized, and they have succubus tails that can open up to swallow a cock, or be used to fuck somebody, and cum like mine does." In spite of her vulgar speech, Emily's tone was completely natural as she slowly pushed herself up.


"Now, why don't we clean off, and then we can get ready to hit the road? You could change back now, if you want."

"Nah, I think I'll hang onto your body for a while~ it might be fun to play around with living in other bodies," Hina's voice was playful, now, as she sat up, swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up.

"Well, it's kind of weird, but hey, I'll take it as a compliment," the original Devil laughed, leading Hina to the bathroom. As they walked in and entered a comfortable, walk-in shower, Hina looked down, inspecting her body in a way anything-but-perverted. Pale blue skin like a child's drawing of water, and nipples a different blue that bordered on purple, it was a strange color scheme but exotic, in a way, and attractive in its own right.

"You like my body so much, why don't you spend more time in it?" Emily laughed, nudging Hina into the shower. "I won't be upset, it's actually kind of funny now that I think about it~" She was sitting Hina down on a shower stool, now, and a moment later, hot water began to cascade over her head.

"I don't..." Hina tried to think of a sensible answer, but she was dazed after the double climax.

"It's okay to have fun with it," Emily said gently. "Just remember that you're own body is damn cute, too~ by the way, you're not even dripping cum, you're really leaking. The tails, they're really something else, aren't they?"

"They are..." Hina sighed, softly, slowly coming back to herself. She realized that, in her phased, out-of-it state, she hadn't even noticed Emily moving; but now, Devil number one was gently washing her hair, her fingers combing through Hina's snowy locks.

"Turn back into yourself, love," Emily whispered softly. "This was fun, and we should do it again, but for now, turn back~" It took a bit of effort, but Hina slowly transformed back into the badger girl, the biggest changes being that she got her rounded ears and furry tail back, her skin became alabaster pale, and her breasts shrank down to somewhere between a B and a C cup.

"Emily... why are we doing this? I know you say you love me, but... why?" Hina was still dazed, and part of her wanted to address this, as it was nagging at her. She hadn't met Emily long ago, so it wasn't as though they were childhood friends or some other trope.

"Well, my adorable pet," Emily began with a nurturing voice, slowly washing Hina. The badger girl relaxed even further, enjoying the feelings of the hot water and of being taken care of like this. "Most of the time, when a human looks at a Devil- and you are a human, mentally, I don't think you can have fully gotten used to being a Beast Man yet- their faces usually fill with disgust, and summoned Heroes usually believe so strongly in religion, and all that's good... they want to kill or abuse or sickly torture demons. You, though... you never once held what I was born as against me... and you trust me so much that you're naked in a shower with me, while I'm out of sight, letting me take care of you... you didn't cringe with revulsion when I masturbated you in the forest... you've been a kind person, and you're clever, determined to learn how to handle yourself. You're talented, interesting, charismatic... you're perfect for me- and you make a good pet, as an added bonus~" Her lips met Hina's jaw, and her hand slipped against her inner thigh as she continued washing Hina. "I love you. It could turn out to be a mistake, and things could go wrong... but you're a good person, and I love you, Hina, no matter who you are now or who you used to be. Hero, fairy, a fucking tree nymph, I don't care. This is about you, not your body or something shallow like that."

Hina's heart cracked a bit, melting into a little pool at the bottom of her chest.


"Are you sure it isn't a problem, for you to leave your cottage behind like this?" Hina, in her own, albeit new, body, asked, hiking up the bag on her shoulders. One of her knives was attached to that bag, and the other was at her hip, intended to give her two ways to grab depending on which was easier in the moment. There were clothes, and rations, supplies and gem stones in her bag, and she currently wore warm pants like the leggings in her old home, with a warm, long sleeved top. Emily wore the same outfit from before; white dress, stockings and boots, but now with the same arm guards as Hina.

"It isn't a problem, there's a lot of bad memories here," Emily answered certainly. "It was the parents' place, you know? A horny succubus and a human guy... things were never exactly peachy around here until a couple of days ago. So I'll be glad to get out!" Hina was listening, but at the same time, her ears were picking something up that Emily didn't seem to here.

"Emily? There's... somebody running toward us, I think...? I can hardly hear, but..." It was getting louder, though, coming through the trees, definitely in their direction, and Emily could hear it too, now, it seemed, because she was drawing her own knives.

"What the... Hina, any ideas?" She didn't have time to answer, though, before the approaching man crashed through the trees and into the clearing where the cottage was settled. It was Lif, the man who ran the adventurer's shop... Hina drew her knives, wishing that she knew more than the basics on how to use them.

"Emily, Hina! Two of the heroes, after you! Something about tracking a Mana surge!" He was panting hard and his knees were clearly trembling... by the time he reached the two girls, he collapsed to his hands and knees. Before either girl could answer, two people burst through the trees at the edge of the clearing.

The one on the left was a man- no. Really, he was no more than a boy. A boy with a shock of unruly black hair, flinty gray eyes and soft features. He looked Japanese, and barely out of middle school, maybe sixteen years old at most. Dressed in all gray and with a hand-and-a-half sword at his waist, he carried a crossbow, for some reason, and aimed it at Lif.

The person on the right was a woman, with long brown hair and features that suggested she was in her mid to late twenties, maybe even early thirties. She wore a belt, from which a pair of hatchets hung, and a short sword peeked over her shoulder. They were well armed, the both of them... but, Lif said that these were two of the heroes? If that was the case, how likely was it that they had any real idea how to use those weapons, yet?

"So, man," the Japanese boy called amicably. "We tell you we want to find the Hero, and you tell us to go to Hell... then you run. We think you're going to warn them, and instead you head for some Devil and, what, raccoon girl, to save your ass?" He laughed softly, and then inspected Emily and Hina. Aside from their sad display of wealth in their weapons... they really didn't look like all that much.

"Running to demi-humans, how pathetic can you be?" Still, the Japanese boy laughed. "We'll have to take you back to our camp with us, I hope you know, to get some real answers out of you. If you even think of trying to resist, well..." He attached his crossbow to his belt, and as Hina watched, the boy's hands slowly rippled, transforming into something akin to long blades before melting back into simple human hands.

"He did, come to warn the Hero," Hina said, stepping forward to defend the kind man. "That's me. Somehow, there was a mistake with my summoning, and I wound up in this body. I've got a couple of Hero Skills, not that it matters..." The woman's face suggested that she believed Hina immediately, but the Japanese boy drew his sword, leveling it with Hina's head.

"If you're a hero, then prove it! Surely, your stats will match up to mine, since I'm only a level one! There are no animal girls on Earth, though, you damned liar."

"Are you an idiot?" It was Emily who spoke. "At a level one, this girl's stats are higher than most professional imperial soldier's! She's a beast-man!"

"I don't give a damn what she is, I'll take her on! My name is Yukino, and I dare you to prove yourself as a Hero!" He was getting way too fired up, and Hina tightened her grip on her knives, tapping into her beast senses. Clearly an amateur, practically vibrating for his excitement, his weapon kept swaying...

"You've got this, Hina." Emily smiled and kissed Hina's cheek, then backed away. "If need be, I'll step in, but it would be better for me to stay out of this." Boots crunching in the dry grass, she backed off, leaving Hina and Yukino standing four meters apart, facing each other, sword to knives, eye to eye.

Yukino charged first, and Hina, remembering Emily's lesson, pivoted to the side. It was easy to dodge the blade, and she spun on the spot, the back of her foot colliding with the boy's back, hard enough that he staggered several steps forward before whirling back to find Hina standing eleven meters away. Still, his man's pride would not let him back down, and he charged. He seemed to move slowly, and Hina wondered if this was because of how superior her physical abilities were when compared to a human's, her speed being so much more than his.

"HERO SKILL- HUMAN WEAPON!" Suddenly sheathing his blade, Yukino swung as if to punch Hina, his arms transforming into spiked balls and chains like morning stars. Not pausing to think about it for even a second, or to think about what this would mean, Hina side-stepped again and swung her knife, cleaving through one of the chains, and with her other knife, she hit him in the head, hilt to skull. Yukino screamed, staggering to the side, now missing an arm... but, his other was that of a human, again. With his weapon-arm severed and ending in a stump at the shoulder, there was nothing to turn back into flesh... and so Yukino, for now, had only one arm. Could that be healed?

"I am Marie. I do hope that you can forgive him," The female hero said with a sigh, stepping forward. "Yukino is hot headed, but he can be healed later. I have no reason to doubt that you are the Hero we were searching for, but I have been instructed to find the missing Hero and bring him or her to the Capitol. I'm afraid that if you don't come with us now, this will get a lot uglier over time."

Thus, Hina was faced with a choice as Yukino staggered to his feet and called her a bitch repeatedly, off balance. After all that Emily had said, and after hearing Yukino, who'd clearly already been tainted by those on high, it was an easy choice to make.

"With all due respect, go fuck yourself. We're leaving now, and nothing good will come of somebody like me going with you. Based on Yukino's reaction to seeing Lif come to us, that's not something I could doubt."

"I understand," Marie agreed. "You do understand that more people will come after you?"

"I do," She agreed.

"Then I wish you luck. Clearly, we are outmatched, and it would be foolish to try and force you to come." The way she said it though, it sounded like she wouldn't have tried to make them come this time no matter what. Turning, Marie guided Yukino off, into the trees again, and left Hina, Emily and Lif alone in the clearing. As they left, Hina thought she heard Marie say something like "God be with you"... and more of that giggling, from before, but in a moment, it was only the three of them in silence.

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