Reincarnated as a Girl in a World of Cultivation. Book

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Reincarnated as a Girl in a World of Cultivation.


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I was reborn in a world of cultivation and had a talent for envy ... Yes, you may have seen many other stories like that, but unfortunately I was not destined to be the protagonist of this world. Despite having a divine body, he simply does not allow me to cultivate correctly, so it is impossible for me to move forward after a certain Realm. Even though I managed to find an alternative way of cultivating my Realm of Cultivation, I can barely face those Realms below me ... I spent most of my life looking for ways to solve my cultivation problems. I found some paths, but in the end I am stolen by these sects ... And when I take everything back I am hunted to death ... And now here I am, fallen to the brink of death without the chance to have used any of these means ... Again I will die lonely ..... Well ... If I am going to die anyway, I will at least use everything that is rightfully mine and that these old men will fuck themselves. ======================================================== I still don't know if I regret doing this ... At least I reincarnated again and now I have no more cultivation problems and I am also very talented .... But now I'm a Girl ...... I didn't reincarnate as a man..... Ah, did you know that in this new world there is more than one protagonist? ... Yes, there is a Transmigrate like me, there is also one blessed by the sky, Ah, I almost forgot the one who went back in time and the one who is the reincarnation of a being divine......... Ah ... I think I'm going to cry ... I'm actually crying .....


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