Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel


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https://discord.gg/kZs9PE2 Join :) Waking up suddenly screaming, Alice looked around in a panic. The last thing she remembers is a devil like creature ripping her wings off and killing her. Seeing that no one is around and that she is fine she tries to feel her wings. Instead of what should be there, she feels like a part of her body has been stolen, noticing that she no longer has wings. In fact, she doesn't remember having white skin or her hair being this long. Forcing herself to stay calm, Alice tries to think about the situation calmly. 'I don't seem to be hurt other than the fact I don't think this is my body' Standing now she looks around finally realizing she's in an open field with nothing around except for a forest to the north and an ocean to the south. ______________________________________________ Will Alice manage to find out the truth behind her reincarnation and get revenge on the devil that took her wings as he killed her?


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