41 Yumi meets Kayl

Jumping to the side as fast as she could Alice was grazed by the Wind Lions claws as it jumped down from the trees to attack her. Rolling on the ground Alice looked around only to see the Wind Lion ignoring Yumi and rushing at her again.

"Fuck can you leave me alone?? " Alice said in anger as Yumi wrapped her weapons chain around the Wind Lion's neck stopping it just short of her giving her time to get back on her feet.

Placing her hands on the ground Alice uses her spell 'Abyss Vines' grabbing the Lion with the vines and holding it in place. Attacking together Alice and Yumi both started chipping away at the Lion's Health while it could not move free from the vines.

Roaring out in anger the Lion broke free from her spell and used his element to form a small barrier around his body. Feeling powered up the Lion rushed at Yumi seeing her as the weaker one of the two girls attacking him. Jumping in the air dodging her attack the Lion landed beside her swatting her away with his paw sending her flying at a tree.

Seeing Yumi about to crash into a tree she Rift Warped and caught her while letting herself be thrown into the shadow avoiding damage from the tree.

"Thanks Alice " Yumi said not able to see anything but knowing that Alice had saved her.

"You're welcome, when we come back out I will use a large spell so buy me a few seconds. " Alice said exiting the Shadow Realm close to the tree they almost crashed into.

Jumping free from Alice she started fighting the Wind Lion as best she could to give Alice all the time she needed to use whatever spell she had planned to finish off the Wind Lion.

Placing her hands on the ground a large black circle spread out before large black Vines shot out from the ground around Alice all charging forward at the Wind Lion as the spells only target.

Crashing into the Lion and wrapping it up almost instantly the Lion was quickly dragged back to her as she felt her mana start to replenish quickly due to her spell as it drained all the mana from the monster. Moments later the spell broke and left behind the shriveled corpse of the Wind Lion giving Alice another level from defeating the monster.

Name - Alice

Class - Demi Angel

Title - Hunter, Apprentice of Nyx

HP - 670/670

MP- 1,975/1,975

Level 19 > 20

STR - 110 > 130 +10

VIT - 88 +5

INT - 140 > 170 (+5 +200)

DEX - 45 (+10 +5)

DEF - 60(+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 55 (+5 +10)

Skill Points - 50

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive), Shadow Eye (Passive).

Putting most of her Skill Points into her INT stat she felt a rush as if the mana in the air around her was being drawn into her body. Not knowing that Yumi could see the effects of her level up as she watched as the wind seemed to be drawn to Alice the moment she finished putting her skill points into her INT.

"What was that? " Yumi asked, pointing out that the air around her had changed the moment she had leveled up.

"I gained about 150 more mana so I guess my body was absorbing the mana around me to make up for the change in my body. " Alice said, guessing perfectly.

"How much mana do you even have now? " Yumi asked already knowing it was higher than normal people for her level.

"It is just below 2,000 now after I level up again it should be over that. " She answered honestly seeing how she planned to put all 50 Skill Points into mana on her next level so she could use more spells in battle since her Grimoire still had a lot of spells she had not learned yet.

After finishing the first request the two debated on which request they should complete next. Agreeing on finding the Kobold King who escaped the dungeon close by they started their travel in the general direction while chatting about the future and all the fun they plan on having once they reach higher levels together.

"We should split up and try to find the Kobold King, the monsters are pretty scarce right now for some reason. " Alice said pointing out the lack of monsters in the forest for some unknown reason.

Splitting up they looked everywhere they could up until the point where they did not know where each other had gone to.

"What are you looking for Alice? " Kayl said landing softly beside her, taking her by surprise.

"I thought you went back to the Demon Kingdom what are you doing here??? " Alice questioned not knowing what to expect.

"I sent my father back alone. I decided to stay back and help you level up. After all who can protect you better than I can in this region. " Kayl said with a smile.

"Would you leave if I asked you too? How do you expect me to get stronger if you just plan to protect me the whole time? " Alice asked wanting to leave as fast as he could before Yumi showed up.

"Don't worry about that, When you fight the only time I will step in is if your life is in danger. Now what monster are you looking for? My familiar can find the monsters in this forest quite easily. " Kayl said genuinely wanting to help her out.

"I am looking for a monster called 'The Kobold King' for a request my friend and I have taken at the guild. He should be a tall creature with white fur and a weapon or two seeing how he escaped from a dungeon. " Alice said knowing things would be easier if he just located all the monsters she needed to kill.

"I will tell my familiar to find the monster you seek to kill, your friend I assume is a female with beast ears? She should be pretty close shall we go meet her? " Kayl said pointing in the direction Yumi should be.

"I guess. " Alice replied with a sigh not knowing what else to do.

Walking through the forest with Kayl she tried playing out in her head all the reactions that Yumi would have and none of them ended very well.

"I have something to talk with you about. " Alice said, getting Kayl's full attention.

"My friend that I am with on this adventure has confessed her feelings for me and she is very important to me so if she freaks out seeing you I want you to promise that you will not get in an argument with her. Fighting her is also off the table if you even touch her I will take her and run. " Alice said trying to plan ahead for anything that may happen.

"I don't see any issue with that, I believe I already told you the purpose in my proposal. I do not plan on keeping you from any love interest you may have as long as you are able to be mine during battle and come to see me as someone you can trust. " Kayl said walking beside her brushing off the question as if it was a small thing that didn't matter.

"With that being said though I will still want a child in the future but I do not plan on that being an immediate thing so if you like her and she is fine with this fact then I will not say another word. " He continued.

"You're honestly nothing like what I imagined someone so close to Kira being. " Alice said as they saw Yumi inthe distance as she looked for the Kobold.

"Hey Yumi.. " Alice said standing behind Yumi.

"What are you… doing.. Here.. " Yumi asked while noticing the Demon standing next to her.

"Yumi this is Kayl the one who proposed to me, he stayed behind to help me level up and he does not mean any harm. " Alice said while praying she would not freak out and cause any trouble.

"It is nice to meet you Yumi. My name is Kayl and I wish to help you and Alice level before you two come to the Kingdom. I should also point out I do not wish to keep Alice from you if she were to see you as a lover. " He said with a small bow causing her to blush at the thought of her and Alice as lovers.

"I-I guess it is fine then… Has Alice already told you what we are looking for? Yumi asked taking things better now that she knew she still had a chance with Alice even if she got married.

"My familiar has just relayed the location of the monster you two are searching for, if you follow me I can take you two there. My familiar currently has the monster held in place so it can not escape. " Kayl said while taking a few steps ahead of them waiting on them to follow him.

"Oh by the way Yumi I have given Alice a necklace which helps her level faster at these low levels, I have a spare if you would like to use it so you do not fall behind. " He said while tossing her the same necklace Alice had been wearing.

"I guess that's why you wore that, " Yumi said slightly under her breath now feeling much better about things.

As the two of them walked behind Kayl the three of them chatted about the Demon Kingdom and the current state of things which taught them quite a few things they did not know about the Demon Kingdom.

The first being that while Lord Kira is the current ruler there are factions that oppose him still for the destruction of the Angel Kingdom which had never once attacked their own Kingdom. Some of the opposers even held high positions of power only following Kira until they worked out a strategy to defeat him. Many of the Demons used relics left behind by the Angels to advance their own Kingdom allowing them to create things such as the necklaces that Alice and Yumi now wore around their necks.

The factions that opposed the King have been secretly been trying to amass a army of supporters for the day when they kill Kira and take his throne. One of the reasons for the delay in attack is due to the fact the major players all want to lay claim to the throne for themselves. With no clear leader for the rebellion they are smart enough to wait until the timing is perfect and either strike and decide later or wait until they have a clear front runner for the throne.

The reason why he was telling the two girls this is because his father belonged to one of the factions that opposed the king. Obon while being a fierce opponent feared by many kingdoms was still on good terms with a few Angels back when they still lived. Learning this Alice began to wonder if she really had to kill all the Demons to finish her quest from God and why God would wish for the slaughter of an entire race to begin with.

The second thing he informed them of was that Lord Kira while having opposers also had a great deal of powerful supporters who would not hesitate to lay waste to the whole world if he let them loose. If the two factions were to go to war with each other the entire Kingdom might be destroyed which is why a war has not taken place since everyone has someone they do not wish to lose.

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The last thing he talked with them about was the Angelic Prophecy left behind and Lord Kira's relentless pursuit of silencing it. The Prophecy itself was a source of power for the opposing faction. That group of Demons believe that if they help that Angel that they can right the wrongs of their race and be given mercy by the God who seeks vengeance for the crimes of eradicating the Angels children and adults alike.

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