40 Yumi's Confession

"Yumi, what's wrong?? " Alice asked not thinking about how the marriage proposal she overheard might affect her friend.

"Can we talk… '' Yumi said, wiping away her tears before walking away not even looking to see if Alice was following behind her.

Following behind Yumi she started to think about the bigger picture when it comes to the Quest she is on and Yumi's dedication to following her.. Not to mention the kiss she received when she lost control of herself during the Estates invasion.

"Yumi I- " Alice was cut off when they reached the garden as she was once again met with a kiss that took her by surprise.

"Before you say anything I want you to let me say what I have to say and after that I will accept whatever you say… So please listen… " Yumi said red faced and glassy eyed while looking at her.

With a simple nod of her head Alice showed Yumi that she was ready to listen to everything she had to say whatever it might be.

"I was always even as a kid a little different from everyone else and I didn't really understand why until I got a little older. I have never had a boyfriend or liked anyone enough to care about personal relationships. The day you came into my shop started a domino effect inside me and I have struggled with it for a while not knowing how to tell you or even what to do about it. The more time I spent with you the more I began to not want to be away from you.. Then I found out about you being an Angel and having this whole Holy Quest laid on you by God and I was happy just being able to be a part of your life even if I had to go to the Demon Kingdom with you to help you. " Yumi said while drying her eyes with her shirt sleeve and finding the courage to continue confession without chickening out.

"My whole point is that I love you… I love you as a precious friend, adventure, and every part about you from your past to your present. Hearing that someone proposed to you made my chest tighten up to the point I didn't know if I could breathe again.. I know you're only thinking about your future and bringing your race back to life but to me.. You are all I think about and I couldn't stand letting you get closer to someone else without me letting you know how I feel even if you reject me… That.. Is all I had to say.. Thank you for listening to all that I understand if you hate me now but I had to tell you. " Yumi said trying not to tear up again while not being able to meet Alice's eyes afraid of what she might say.

Seeing Yumi put herself out like this while trying her best not to cry Alice was not as surprised as Yumi thought she would be since Alice already somewhat knew that Yumi might be interested in her.

"For starters don't be silly, I already kind of guessed you had feelings for me I just didn't know that you were that serious. I could never hate you no matter what you did in case you didn't realize unless you've killed my family I have more pressing things to worry about so don't ever think I will hate you. While I was indeed proposed too that doesn't mean that I have feelings for the person. Incase you didn't realize who it was that asked me it was a Demon, do you really think I will give myself to a Demon of all people? Your father and I were talking about ways for me to buy time while in the Demon Kingdom seeing how being engaged to someone of high status on top of being perceived as Kira's daughter basically ensures mine and your safety while we are there. " Alice said while hugging Yumi to cheer her up.

"You promise you don't hate me? You don't think I am weird? " Yumi looked up and asked feeling a lot better while still feeling her chest tightening waiting to see if Alice would accept her feelings or reject her.

"Of course I don't hate you and no I don't think you're weird Yumi. I don't really know how to respond to your feelings right now though.. " Alice said honestly not knowing what she should say since she didn't like or dislike the idea of being with Yumi.

"I understand.. I will wait for your answer then! " Yumi said quite a bit happier now that she confessed and didn't necessarily get rejected. She saw hope in Alice's answer which was good enough for now.

"Then do you want to go on an adventure just the two of us? " Alice asked already knowing what her answer would be.

"I would love too! You still have to catch up in level to me seeing how I am level 20 now and you're level 19. " Yumi said while taking off to her room to get all of her equipment before they set off to the Adventurer's Guild to find some requests to take on.

'Seems like she is in a better mood, ' Little Shadow said laying on one of the tree limbs a few feet away.

"So you heard all of that huh. " Alice said while holding her arms out to catch her familiar.


'Every word, so what do you plan on doing about the proposal and Yumi? ' He asked while jumping out of her arms to walk beside her as they walked to their room.

"For now I plan to take advantage of the Demon Kayl and his father for everything I can to help me reach higher levels as fast as I can. As for Yumi I honestly don't know she has been really good to me and everything I just don't know how I feel so I will give her an answer when I know. " Alice said while putting her armor set on.


Opening the door and walking into the room Alice was expecting Yumi but instead saw her father which made her feel a little awkward.

"So how did things go with you and my daughter? she might not tell me everything but I still know if she is interested in someone. " Arita asked while taking a seat on one of the chairs near the door in her room.

"She did confess to me, I don't know how I feel about her romantically so I told her I could not give her an answer yet. " Alice replied, feeling even more awkward.

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"She is happy when she is with you so that is good enough for me but please try not to hurt her I always imagined I would have this talk with a guy but I guess life works in unseen ways. " Arita said while getting out of the chair and walking closer to Alice.

"I know you wouldn't hurt her on purpose but she is my daughter so please look out for her the best you can. Even more so when you two leave for the Demon Kingdom. " Arita said again before leaving the room.

'He is a good father, ' Little Shadow said laying on the bed upside down with his head slightly hanging off the edge.

"He kind of reminds me of my father to be honest which is why I think it is so easy to talk to him, ready to go? " Alice said now standing in the doorway waiting on him to stop being lazy on the bed.

Meeting up with Yumi in the hall way the two girls and Little Shadow left the Estate to go and find some requests to take at the Adventurer's Guild.

| Request - Kill Wind Lion |

| Request - Kill Kobold King that escaped dungeon |

| Request - Gather Fire Lotus |

| Request - Kill the Basan |

"We can take all of these but what is a Basan? " Alice asked, looking at the flyers Yumi took down.

"It is basically a bird the size of a horse that breathes fire. It sounds much harder than it is so don't worry about it too much. " Yumi said recalling the time her father had to kill one on their travels when she was younger.

Taking the flyers up the the receptionists the two got permission to go on the requests before leaving the Guild to buy some potions and camping gear before they left the Kingdom to go start their Requests.

Already having a general idea where to find Wind Lions Alice lead the way to where she thought they were located. Walking through the forest Alice got curious if she could bring other people with her into the shadows since it would make their travels a little faster.

"Hey Yumi mind if we stop for a bit? I kind of want to try something. " Alice said, stopping on a shadow cast by a large tree.

"Sure what do you want to try? " Yumi asked curiously.

"Here stand close to me and hold on. " Alice said pulling her close when she got in arms reach of where she was causing Yumi to blush with a big smile she tried her best to hide.

"Ready? " Alice asked as the two of them slowly started to sink into the trees' shadow.

"ALICE WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?? " Yumi cried out in a panic not knowing what to do.

Fully entering the tree's shadow Yumi couldn't even see Alice who was holding her close and before she knew it they were almost half a mile away from where they were just standing.

"That was scary! How are you able to move us so far?? " Yumi questioned before waving the question off and just accepting the fact Alice was a skilled Shadow Element user.

"I was curious and now I know if we get in trouble I can bring you with me to escape. " Alice said happily now that she could bring others with her.

"We should be getting close to where the Wind Lion's are so stay alert. " Alice said while pulling out her scythe causing Yumi to take her weapon out as well.

While looking through the forest the two girls left the lower leveled monsters for Little Shadow to kill so he could work on catching up to them in levels as well. Not having any luck after searching for a few hours Yumi suggested they look at the fly to try to find more information about the location they needed to go to.

Pulling out the flyer Yumi saw that Alice was indeed correct about the location which just caused the two to wonder where the Wind Lion's could have run off to.


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